When despots start falling like dominoes

It’s a gratifying sign when despots start falling like dominoes. It means that poor people who have endured years of depraved government, have finally had enough…and are magnificently fighting back.

Zapiro, Mail & Gaurdian, 29 January 2011

Will the second year of the second decade of the second millennium, be the start of despot dominoes in Africa…and elsewhere. I most certainly hope so, and can’t wait for the despot-toppling fever to reach Southern Africa.

Perhaps we can prepare by having our own, albeit non-violent mini-revolution – by toppling the despots who deface local government with their fat ugly mutts, in the upcoming Municipal elections.

2 thoughts on “When despots start falling like dominoes

    • Hi,

      Ah yes! Perhaps he’s not in this picture because he’s volunteered to step down rather than be forced out.

      Thanks for reminding me though. This despot has been added to the ScumRoll

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