Kim Jong-il (1941/42 – 2011)

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What are the chances? Kim Jong-il dying at about the same time as Christopher Hitchens who absolutely despised the North Korean dictator. Some coincidence, yes?

While Hitchens’ death was mostly lamented and regretted, Kim’s death was mourned openly, as evidenced by this YouTube video, to a degree that is quite bewildering. Now that is deeply disturbing.

Either the North Korean people genuinely loved the degenerate old tosser, or the show of grief is a put-on by a fearful populace. I’m going with the latter.

The passing of this evil tyrant will be mostly welcomed by all people in the world who have their heads screwed on right, but it also leaves everyone a bit jittery about what’s going to happen to the country which has nuclear capability. Kim’s successor, his own son Kim Jong-un appears to be just as evil, if not more so, just judging by this picture embedded after fact number 14 of this article in The Telegraph.

Off course there are a few sub-humans in the world who are at this moment bemoaning the death of Kim Jong-il and the decimation of the Despots Club; most notably one Robert Gabriel Mugabe of Zimbabwe. And it’s only a matter of time until some dingbat in South Africa’s own dictatorship-in-the-making, the ANC, will come out publicly to sing the praises of Dear Leader.

Now if only Mad Bob would croak before the end of the year in less than two weeks; it would be a bumper year indeed for the obliteration of tyrannical pieces of fecal matter. Come on Santa, make it happen!

National Women’s Day will prove to be politically expedient once again

International Women’s Day (IWD) is commemorated on 8 March every year around the world. So why does South Africa celebrate an additional National Women’s Day (NWD) on 9 August?

Officially, NWD is celebrated (literally by many people) to mark the march on the Union Buildings by thousands of women during the Apartheid era, on 9 August 1956, to protest the infamous Pass laws, and was led by Helen Joseph, Rahima Moosa, Sophie WIlliams and Lilian Ngoyi. This act of defiance was a significant event in the struggle against Apartheid; the fact that it was orchestrated by women repudiates the lie that women are the weaker sex.

So is this day worthy of being commemorated? Most certainly! And is the role of women in the struggle against racial oppression worthy of acknowledgement? Off course it is!

But is it necessary to create a separate Women’s Day to that of the rest of the world, as a public holiday to do so? I think not! Especially when the politicians who promulgated the holiday openly exhibit disdain towards womanhood in general.

How can one trust their intentions, especially when their daily behaviour is both dishonourable and contemptuous? It becomes pretty easy to perceive that National Women’s Day, far from being a day to celebrate women, is just an expedient day for politicians (mostly men) to gloat about pseudo-freedom and hitch the event to the bandwagon of political expediency.

Let’s examine some of the reprehensible behaviours of which I write: the President of the country, Jacob Zuma is a polygamist as indeed are many men who revere culture, tradition and religion above the sanctity of womanhood. The President recently granted a multibillion Rand loan (aid) to the despicable neighboring tyrant, King Mswati of Swaziland, another bigot who collects wives: at last count, 14. Mswati is well on his way to attaining the disgusting feat of his father: a harem of 70. Perhaps the loan will help him in his quest for trophies.

Polygamy is disgusting and an outrage towards women. No amount of religious, cultural or social posturing can endorse it.

The ruling ANC government; the ones’ who promulgated this holiday, tend to surround themselves with women who tow the party line and support their self-enrichment schemes; those who are critical of party policy and behaviour, such as Barbara Hogan are quickly silenced and sidelined.

On National Women’s Day tomorrow, the politicians will pay lip service to women, at public events, and use the opportunity to solidify their political power. This much is certain. Only greedy and immoral men will benefit. We must never allow the politicians to perpetuate the exploitation of women.

Women must be celebrated, not because their kind marched against tyranny at some point in the distant past; women must be celebrated because they are fellow human beings, deserving of respect and acknowledgement just as men demand it.

Hell no, we don't want Gbagbo

Ivorian President Laurent Gbagbo, 2007

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Just when I thought we had smartly avoided the obligation to provide political asylum to Libya’s disgraced leader, it appears that our government, ever eager to make an impact in the League of Despots, have offered South Africa as a preferred exile destination to Laurent Gbagbo of the Ivory Coast.

I think we need to make it very clear that South Africa is a safe haven for criminals only. It is no coincidence that our own politicians are all in the process of transition to eminent villains. We can’t have ordinary tin pot dictators settling here, trying to muscle in on the action. We have standards, for crying out loud!

It would be better for Gbabgo to perish in the bunker that he has ensconced himself in. It would be fantastic for him to be forever remembered with the same veneration as Adolf Hitler.

Assuming he somehow weasels his way out the bunker, would Angola please be so kind…

Oh, yes please! Uganda can have him!

As the world’s superpowers debate the future of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, it appears that some may be amenable to him stepping down and seeking exile.

While Gaddafi has been mouthing off publicly about his intentions to stay and fight to the end, I’m certain he’ll run with his tail between his legs for the first safe destination his ill-gotten gains will allow him, just like cowardly despots tend to do.

Popular exile destinations for the world’s evil tyrants are Arab, African and South American countries. Annoyingly, South Africa features on the list of countries willing to grant political asylum to the scum of the earth; particularly nasty douchebags who are supportive of the vile shenanigans of our own nasty government.

But it now appears that President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda, having a similar penchant for clinging onto power, would be quite agreeable to welcoming Gaddafi into the country, saying

Whatever his faults, he is a true nationalist.

I prefer nationalists to puppets of foreign interests.

This is good news for South Africa. We won’t have to host another lunatic former leader [and his equally deranged sons] at taxpayers expense. Uganda can have the bastard, and as many others as they want.

Hopefully, our covetous President won’t get it into his foggy head to make a counter-offer to the Libyan to pig out in South Africa instead, in the hopes of gaining a bit more material wealth; and some pointers to hanging onto power.

Human Rights Day? What for?

Human Right

South Africa celebrated Human Rights Day today. Well actually, some of us just celebrated a free holiday and took time to do stuff that had nothing whatsoever to do with human rights.

Personally, I can’t see the point to Human Rights Day – in South Africa, that is. It was put in place by the post-Apartheid government to commemorate the shooting of 69 people by the police in Sharpeville, South Africa in 1969. The same police kill many more people in post-Apartheid times – their Commissioner is a member of the ANC, so I guess that makes it all RIGHT. Is the government going to give us a holiday for every 69 people his policemen kills?

Why bother commemorating Human Rights? This government supports some of the worst violators of human rights across the African continent and abroad. They are friendly with and openly indulge in the favours offered by the slimiest politicians to sully this planet – Robert Mugabe, Muammar Gaddafi, Kim Jong-il, Obiang Mbasogo, Omar Al-Bashier and Paul Biya, to name a few. This government’s own conduct in the general administration of its mandate is not far off from that of the evil tyrants already mentioned – it is only just picking up steam.

And today, they used the Human Rights platform to pay lip service to Human Rights, and perform the more pressing task of electioneering in the Western Cape; the only Province they don’t control politically, the only one in South Africa functioning reasonably well.

How about talking about and showing some responsibility for a change, instead of beating that monotonous RIGHTS drum every time you need to seize the attention of the people?

It’s only a matter of time when that tune goes out of favour with the people, and you need to dance to the sound of anger.

Shame on Europe and the USA

While European and Western leaders dither over taking decisive action in Libya, the death toll at the hands of the madman Gaddafi, rises steadily.

Leaders of the revolt against Gaddafi estimate that he could massacre around half a million people within days, if the West and Europe don’t do something soon.

What’s the matter Obama and company, not enough oil in Libya for you disgraceful lot?

All hail Julius, the Caesar of the economy

Julius Malema, President of the ANC Youth League, devil-child of the ANC, should be the undisputed twit of the new millennium; but considering their aspirations to rule until Jesus returns, I suppose it’s not inconceivable that they’ll produce a few other dumb-asses.

Julius has been mouthing off again; nothing unusual for a blow-hard of this magnitude, but this time he’s surely gone off the deep end.

Remember how he grabbed every opportunity to tell everyone what a big-shot revolutionary he was? And how together with the other ANCYL brats, they were going to transform South Africa into la-la land by banishing imperialism and implementing the ideals of the antiquated Freedom Charter.

Well, it seems that we’ve seriously under-estimated this lard-arse. He’s been hard at work, not at improving his woodwork grades, but at adding some new words to his stunted vocabulary. Julius now has pretensions to becoming an economic freedom-fighter too. He’s now taken to threatening the owner’s of mines with seizure of 60% of their shareholdings. Last Friday while spewing the usual clichéd rhetoric at a gala dinner about political freedom being useless with economic freedom, he stunned everyone with this ripper:

We’re now economic freedom fighters. The revolution started to get food. We don’t have to apologise, or be shy about this struggle.

But that’s not all. It’s been reported that he went on to encourage people to keep the revolution going by having as many babies as possible. Apparently:

Having babies is a revolutionary thing. You must reproduce!

Some logic! I guess these ANCYL bright-sparks figured that 60% of all the mines in South Africa should be enough to feed, clothe, educate and keep millions of new babies happily on Social Welfare…until Jesus returns. I wonder if they’ll run this show from Luthuli House, also known as Loot Freely House by ANC detractors; or as Julius likes to call it Revolutionary House? Maybe they’ll even consider renaming it Treasure Island.

Off course, it’s a no-brainer why Julius didn’t bother to explain to the masses ever-eager to hear his vitriol, why he and the rest of that scummy lot in the ANC have temporarily delayed the “revolution to get food,” to help themselves to fancy cars, houses, liquor, clothes and other bling.

So for now we render unto Caesar that which he thinks is his, but real revolution is not far on the horizon to start the next chapter in the history of South Africa…

Is it possible that Gaddafi will be the next to fall?

Muammar al-Gaddafi, pictured in 2009

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These are certainly exciting times in North Africa. With Mubarak and Ben Ali, freshly deposed, the recent unrest in Libya may just be the precursor to the final obliteration of 4 decades of autocratic rule by Muammar Gaddafi.

Gaddafi, Brotherly Leader and Guide of the Revolution who it has been said, had dreams of becoming the ruler of the African Continent, may soon become just another statistic of the recent awakening of the people’s of Africa. Except for the other despotic regimes in Africa, and misguided supporters in the South African ruling elite, I have no doubt that many people across the entire world will be relieved to see the back of Gaddafi…hanging from a noose preferably.

Recent reports by Human Rights Watch that the death toll from the unrest has passed 100, is cause for concern as it points to Gaddafi digging in to hold onto power. One can only hope that there are no further deaths. Unfortunately the reality of these situations indicate that more deaths will follow, before this monster steps down peacefully, or is taken down forcefully.

The ramifications of these revolts are being felt across the world by all politicians who have adopted similar positions of inhumane leadership. While our leaders in South Africa have not plumbed the depths of tyrannical rule yet, the warning signs of them having set foot on that shameful road, are visible to all but those with their heads up their backsides. For now our ANC leaders, even those in the ANC Youth League who are aspirant future despots, have convinced themselves that they are safe.

Already there is discontent and upheaval across the country due to lack of service delivery and transparency on how local leaders are selected by the ruling Party. It’s only a matter of time before their safety bubble is burst…

Duvalier laughed…but I rolled on the floor

As soon as I caught a glimpse of this news piece, I nearly bust a gut laughing:

Former Haitian dictator Jean-Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier laughed at the notion he was a tyrant and claimed in a television interview on Tuesday that he had introduced democracy to his troubled homeland.

“I was the first person to start a process as such in Haiti, a democratic process, it was me who started it,” Duvalier said in an interview conducted by Alicia Ortega and broadcast by the Spanish-language Univision network.

Yes, you started it all right – your country’s slide into decay.

This lunatic’s delusions about democracy may actually be catching: the African Union (AU) has a really crackpot idea about what peace means .  They have called for Sudan’s tyrant-in-chief al-Bashir, to be exempted from prosecution by the Haig for crimes against humanity because he apparently played a role in sustaining peace and allowing a referendum to take place, as if that was something extraordinary for a leader to be doing. Pretty soon all tyrants will be claiming indemnity for such piffling considerations.

Whatever next? The ANC claiming that this sick system of nepotism, kleptomania and deceit we have in South Africa is a democracy too!

The despot circus endorses a new ring-leader

While the people of Egypt were fighting for their freedom, while the people of South Sudan voted overwhelmingly in favor of freedom from tyranny, while a democratically elected leader tried desperately to get the incumbent scoundrel to step down and hand over power, while an already deposed dictator fled from the wrath of the people he abused, and while fresh rebellion elsewhere was in the air, the established despots and wanna-be tyrants of Africa who make up the African Union (AU), voted in a new chairman.

And not surprisingly they endorsed a veteran with 30 years of ignominious rule adorning his résumé. All hail  Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, the pride of Equatorial Guinea, proud ally of the oil-obsessed USA, and now ring-leader of Africa’s despot circus.

Forgive me for thinking that the evolution of man started, and then stopped abruptly in Africa too.