#243 unlucky? Bollocks!!!

According to research conducted by a Financial Services website Confused.com, #243 is the unluckiest house or door number in the United Kingdom, with 45% of home insurance claims made since 2007 emanating from this address.

However, the customary #13 features pretty low down on the list at position 182. So, has 243 replaced 13 as the new unlucky number?

My parents have lived at #243 for about 45 years now, 20 of which I shared with them, and they have yet to make any sort of insurance claim described by the website as typical. As far as I remember, those 20 years did not involve any sort of bad luck in the traditional sense, and I’m not aware of any other incidences of bad luck since I left.

Perhaps this is just a British phenomenon, but I’m more inclined to believe that this is just another case of a statistical fallacy so enamoured of pseudo-scientists and religious apologists.

It just does not make logical sense for any number to be unlucky, or lucky for that matter.