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What the devil?

In the latest bout of absurdity from the world of pious prats, Iran has banned spiky and other unorthodox hairstyles for men.

Apparently the self-appointed terrestrial regulators of the celestial overlords have decided to condemn trendy hairstyles as “devil worshipping,” and pronounced them in contravention of Islamic regulations. The head of Iran’s Barber’s Union Mostafa Govahi, is quite pleased with this ruling because the prosecution of his fashionable but unregistered competitors, would send business to unionised barbers who toe the religious line.

Currently, those ghastly bushy beards (which for some inexplicable reason is propitious to the celestial overlords) are not compulsory for Iranian men, but who knows how long these men will be allowed to keep good clean faces, what with the theological tyrants constantly looking for new ways to heap misery upon mankind.

Perhaps it’s only a matter of time before Iran’s Underwear Union declares anything but Bridgette Jones type undergarments to be religiously legal. Maybe the Mormons can get a piece of that action.

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