Rationalizing prayer

Hehehe! Saw this on my Facebook page and had to share…


So this is what the belief mongers have surrendered to? Rationalizing a totally ineffectual pursuit. It must be comforting playing heads I win, tails you lose.

2 thoughts on “Rationalizing prayer

  1. I still find it incredibly frustrating, being bombarded with comments and excerpts from the bible as friends’ statuses. I’ve reached the point where I find it incredibly sad that supposedly learned people attempt to rationalise their delusion in any deity.

    • Hi Lucan,

      Yes, I get that all the time on my Facebook page. Mostly I totally ignore the status update because they’re from close friends or family, but every once in a while I lose it, and post some snotty [read witty] reply, which I usually regret later.

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