Shame, you voted like an ass and now you’re pissed…

Advance poll for BC General Election @ TRU on ...

There’s been a lot of crap going down politically in South Africa the last couple of weeks, but I’ve restrained myself from venting because I may just be partly responsible.

You see, I did not vote in the last general elections through sheer disgust for the politicians. I now know what an ass I’d been and I’m not making that mistake again when the polling stations opens for the general elections early next year.

The kleptocracy in charge have been taking the public for granted the last four years, as they did the previous five years, and the five years before that. Their total and utter disdain for the citizens of this country has reached alarming proportions, but the real shocker is the terrifying reality that we appear for all intents and purposes, to be embarrassingly impotent to do anything about it.

Oh sure, we’ve ranted online on social media, participated in a few protest marches, added our names to those useless petitions and polls. But what’s the point if the only people really listening are those most affected, not the perps. Preaching to the choir, what?

The awful truth is that the politicians in charge don’t give a shit. If anyone has not realised this by now, they’re immensely dense.

We only have a fleeting hold on power – on election day and then we relinquish it when the winners are comfortably settled into office. Power to the people then simply evaporates and becomes power to the politicians.

We are given this once chance to dump the bastards in office, but do we use it wisely? The last two election results reveal that we’re quite happy to be ruled by thieves, immoral, incompetent,  sycophantic, self-serving, pompous assholes, and yes, psycho’s too. And the crazy thing is that the very people who are short-changed the most, are the most likely to vote for the most undeserving of politicians.

So, you have a chance once again to change things; grasp it and choose wisely. That’s the only chance you’ll get for another five years as you grin and bear it.

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4 thoughts on “Shame, you voted like an ass and now you’re pissed…

  1. Glad you will be voting next time around. Last elections I was very actively involved with COPE and worked as a ‘party agent’ at the polling station in my area. My opinion is that if you don’t vote, you forfeit your right to complain. I am no longer a member of COPE and to be honest I’m not sure who I will vote for next year but I will make a decision and I will vote.

      • I was very tempted to join Agang and get involved but I just don’t know, don’t have the energy to do a re-run of my time with COPE. At this point I’m probably also leaning toward DA but a couple of months to make up my mind

        • I’ve always thought COPE to be as irrelevent as the ACDP. I was involved in politics in my younger days, but soon realised what a dirty game it is and became disillusioned with it all. Thinking I could make a difference was so naive…

          Anyway, see you at the polls 🙂

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