Kids DON’T say the darndest things

Remember that CBS television series hosted by Bill Cosby?

We all used to think that the responses were cute. Admit it! Well, they’re not. The responses were just simply untainted by ideological baggage that we pick up along the way as we grow older.

However, not all kids are so lucky as to be free of indoctrination at that tender young age. Adults (sometimes well-meaning, sometimes not) tend to influence their kids into accepting and believing some of the craziest bullshit imaginable.

I found this today, and can only hope that these kids stay on the right track, but if they don’t, I wish someone would show them this video clip.

As adults, it’s extremely difficult to NOT be untarnished by ideological filth, but fortunately the information age makes available many resources to get back on the right path. If you want to, off course…

5 thoughts on “Kids DON’T say the darndest things

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