Freshly Played #20: Pearl Jam

Yep, Pearl Jam again. This time, it’s a song with a curious history… and great guitar riffs at the beginning and end.

As I’ve mentioned previously, guitar riffs drive me wild. The riffs at the beginning and end has a striking resemblance to Jimi Hendrix/Stevie Ray Vaughn’s rendition of Little Wing.

Yellow Ledbetter never featured on any of Pearl Jam’s studio albums. It was an outtake from their debut album 10, and was released as a B-side on the released single Jeremy. It did however feature on a B-sides and Rarities album, and their Greatest Hits album.

And it seems that nobody really knows precisely, the lyrics to the song. Lead singer Eddie Vedder is known to change the lyrics at nearly every live performance. Vedder once jokingly replied in response to a question from a live audience, “Wait…you mean there’s lyrics?”

Not surprisingly this lyrical ambiguity has stirred up some ingenuity in elucidation by others – the famous misheard lyrics videos. Catch a load of this:

1 thought on “Freshly Played #20: Pearl Jam

  1. Regarding the KWS song “While We Cry” and it’s similarities…”Ledbetter Heights” the name of the album, refers to an historic, low income neighborhood in Shreveport, named for Huddie Ledbetter. Kings Highway (another KWS song) also refers to a place in Shreveport. KWS grew up in Shreveport where his father “Shotgun” Ken Shepherd was a well known DJ who took young Kenny Wayne to many concerts including Stevie Ray Vaughn where he first got his guitar “bug” while sitting on amps backstage. The song “While We Cry” was recorded long before the album “Ledbetter Heights”. It was recorded at the Red River Revel Arts Festival. While I cannot remember the actual date, I believe KWS was 16 at the time. It is pretty safe to assume both songs were inspired by Hendrix.

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