Another victory for radical religion

I’ll bet that the jihadist pigs who executed two teenage girls in the Somali city of Beledweyne yesterday, are feeling mighty proud of their stupendous achievement. Yes, it must have taken a lot of courage to execute two defenceless girls; with nothing but religious conviction and some bullets.

al-Shabaab, proponents of one of the strictest (most disgusting) forms of Islamic Sharia law, have been waging a war of attrition on the people of Somalia for many years now, turning the country into a wasteland, to mimic the barren emptiness of their crazy religious beliefs. The count of Shabaab’s violations against humanity must now be staggering – stonings, beatings, amputations, executions, bannings.

This is another shining example of how the toxic cancer known as fundamentalist religion can eat away brain cells, turning humans into wild beasts, who prey on other humans.

March on radical religion, gloat on your victory for now; you shall be chained soon enough, to be stoned to death…

7 thoughts on “Another victory for radical religion

  1. *mutter* *grumble*

    I like how you describe their religion as being just as barren and empty as the wasteland they have created. It brings to mind some very vivid imagery.

    • Yeah, in one part of my mind I imagine how I’d like to torture, and then tear these fundamentalist cretins, limb from limb. But my damn dominant humanist brain, gets in the way of carrying it out.

  2. Hi Lenny,
    I guess Karl Marxism should have included classes of antidotes to the smokables taken by these adherents of religions especially Abrahamic faiths whose bedrock sorce of kinky literature, ie bible and koran seem to encourage total annihilations of all other faiths inclunding the patenal ones.

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