Hitting the bars tonight…

Nightlife & BarExpo

 I’m really looking forward to getting pissed tonight. Actually that’s an exaggeration; not exactly pissed, but it’s entirely possible. You see, I’m attending the Nightlife and Bar Expo at the Emperor’s Palace Casino in Johannesburg, and they’ve promised loads of free sampling. 

As a wannabe mixicologist, I’m always interested in learning somethimg new about the art of cocktail mixing, and this event promises to reveal plenty of new ideas and tricks. There’s also the opportunity of picking up some new bar equipment at a steal. And according to the promoters there will be a treat for the eyes as well, in the form of dancers, flame-throwers (near alcohol? hmm!) and a laser light show. And off course, there’s the free drinks!!! 

I’m told that the VIP tickets I have, entitles me access to an Exclusive Bar and VIP Lounge serving free drinks and snacks, and possibly other special treats. I think I’m going to be in heaven tonight. 

I have however not forgotten about that little issue of drinking and driving, and being the responsible person I am (to others, not to my body), I have booked into the casino’s hotel for the night. So, let’s hope I can still remember the tastes, sights and sounds come tomorrow…

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