Victory for Irreverence


The Charlie Hebdo weekly normally has a print run of around 60 000 copies. This week they planned to publish 3 million copies following the brutal slaying of 12 of its staff by religious fundamentalists. Instead, such was the demand, 5 million copies will be distributed.

If these idiots thought they were appeasing their God by wanting people who value free speech to be eliminated, they sure didn’t count on how badly such bigoted ideology would blow up in their faces. Spectacularly so. Indeed, instead of 60 000 people having access to some irreverence, now 5 million and certainly more will be laughing their heads off to the silliness of religious narrow-mindedness and intolerance.

Fundamentalists of all stripes need to know that those who wish to free their minds from mental slavery will not be swayed by random shootings, bombing of buildings, suicide bombings using ten-year old girls, kidnapping of young women and children, hacking to death of villagers, imprisoning and whipping of atheist bloggers, issuing of fatwas, killing pro-abortion doctors, demonstrating against and demonizing homosexuality, destruction of ancient monuments, banning women from driving, forbidding snowmen from being built, removing “erotic” cosmetics from shelves, beheading of journalists, banning of medication, building of creationist museums and subjecting young minds to creationist rubbish in schools, and the delusional rants of clerics, priests and holy men.

The list of atrocities, depravity and irrationality perpetrated in the name of religious and other ideology is far too numerous to mention. What is more abundant however, is the sheer will to carry on the fight against this evil by far too many people – people who recognize that the desire for freedom is much stronger than the desire for servitude to Gods and Devils.

Mankind will triumph, because we are more powerful than Gods and Devils. We created them after all.

2 thoughts on “Victory for Irreverence

  1. Oh boy! When will this ever end? It took Christianity roughly 200 years to realize the evil ways regarding the inquisition. Politics is the art of compromise and political terrorism can be dealt with through political compromises (even if you don’t give in to terrorists’ demands, you can make compromises that undermine their support and cause). Religion, in contrast, typically abhors compromise and religious terrorists are rarely interested in getting only part of what they want. They are more likely to see themselves as being on a mission from God (emphasis on mission)— and God doesn’t want compromises! Now how do you convince someone indoctrinated in this silly, backward, outdated, invented, amorphous monolithic behemoth of a doctrine? I guess bliss of ignorance is better than the truth of reality. It is strange how human beings will sacrifice their intellectual integrity in order to salvage their cherished beliefs – beliefs that rest on shaky and insecure foundations. Open minded people subscribe to the Aslan phenomenon i.e. rules/beliefs should be challenged in order to unlock their own rational understanding/thinking of this world, The natural is real and the supernatural is invented. Period!!!

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