A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves

A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves. – Edward R Murrow


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Let’s hope not…

Could it be possible that Muammar Gaddafi is on his way South looking for asylum in South Africa, and Julius Malema is heading North escaping prosecution for grand theft?

I most certainly don’t want that deranged tyrant living in the same country as me, nor do I want that fascist thief escaping the punishment that’s his due…

© 2011 Zapiro (All rights reserved)

Printed with permission from www.zapiro.com

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Hey, wanna know a secret?

The South African government, or more precisely the ANC, wants to rape your freedoms because they think you’re stupid.

That’s right. First they raped justice and actually got people to support their heinous crime. Now they’re attempting to rape freedom of speech with the implementation of the disgusting Secrecy Bill [POIB]; and they expect you’ll fall for this one too. They’re testing your gullibility and they seem to think they have a good chance to prove once again that stupidity is like death and taxes.

Those of us who fought tooth and nail against them the first time around, are still fighting, but this time we’re going to throw the kitchen sink at them too. And cartoonist Zapiro, never fails to come to the party…with yet another beauty that sums up everything I’ve said, perfectly.

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If you haven’t aired your loathing yet for what your government is trying to do to your freedoms, please add your signature to the petition at Avaaz.

The swindlers get bolder

While I’ve been away on my road trip, a monumental struggle has commenced to retain free speech in South Africa, as the ANC-led government seeks to muzzle the press from reporting on, and exposing the self-serving culture of the members of this organization who still have the temerity to call themselves liberators and revolutionaries.

This, our liberators intend to achieve through the introduction of draconian laws which would have made our former tormentors in the apartheid regime, proud. The ANC-proposed Protection of Information Bill, and the call for the setting up of a Media Tribunal is nothing short of a gross violation of, and an insult to the aims of our much vaunted constitution. It is quite evident to all (except government cronies) that these proposals are merely intended to allow our thieving politicians to raid the treasury without having to look over their shoulders.

Off course, all of this has already been revealed over the last few weeks while I was away, but the morons in government are still preaching to all who would bother to listen, that we have it all wrong. It seems these people get bolder with each new immoral act they somehow get away with, while their contempt for the ordinary citizen grows in unison. And so they press on…

But once again, the cartoonist Zapiro has it spot on:

And just in case I’m not able to express myself in this manner again, I say fuck you to all the lying, thieving scumbags who make up our government; to hell with you and your apartheid laws.

SA Elections 2009: Campaign promises, I mean lies, being flogged to death

by Zapiro - The Times, 01 March 2009

by Zapiro - The Times, 01 March 2009

Brilliant isn’t it. Jonathan Shapiro, better known as Zapiro is a true artist and is famous for his incisive critique on politics and religion. The cartoon refers to the advent of television adverts in South Africa for the promotion of political parties campaigning for the upcoming elections. Thankfully, I have been spared this visual assault, because for some reason they aren’t aired on sports and documentary channels which I spend most of my time watching. If they are actually aired on these channels, it seems I’ve been most fortunate in missing them altogether.

However, I cannot escape the auditory assault; every morning on my way to work, there are adverts on the radio, from all of the major political parties being broadcast in between Britney Spears and your favourite hair shampoo. Then there are the unsightly poles of all shapes and sizes lining the streets I drive through, plastered from top to bottom with unsightly election posters of more or less the same size. This I’ve become used to, and can ignore quite easily, but not so the tiresome voices on the radio, promising the earth to the electorate.

The political parties who sponsor these radio adverts make no attempt to sugar coat their blatant lies which masquerade as promises, to fix damn near everything. I can feel the bile rising even now, as I contemplate the utter contempt these lying bastards have for the electorate, by spewing out such empty rhetoric; laced with bragging over expected accomplishments, which they now paint as major achievements. The need to fill a few minutes of air-time to catch your attention, triumphed over the need to make sense, and being at least a little honest at the same time. It truly sickens me, but it is obvious that a large majority of the electorate in South Africa think that these scumbags deserve another five years to fix all the things they have probably screwed up in the first place; otherwise the adverts would have had a completely different approach altogether. And apologising, pleading, begging and groveling comes readily to mind.

Now, there are probably some of you who, will righfully reprimand me for just complaining, and will want to know what alternative I have to offer. Honestly, I don’t have an alternative right now. However, I am proud to be part of an iniative by relatively young South Africans, who recognize that we need to re-introduce true democracy and its associated ideals, to this country. Right now, I’m merely placing all politicians on notice; we are onto you, your time is ending. South Africa deserves a new breed of politician who understands what honesty and accountability really means; what being a servant of the public is all about.