A fool and his political school

I just had to interrupt my break from the FIFA Confederations Cup to highlight a report that caught my eye in an online publication, today. Seems that the ANC Youth League President, Julius Malema has launched a political school in Krugersdorp, a nondescript mining town outside Johannesburg. Without having to read the article itself, the headline caused me to burst out laughing.

After the launch yesterday, Malema was quoted as saying that the school:

will also help instill discipline among ANC Youth League members — and put a stop to the chaotic behaviour that characterised the league’s national conference last year.

Malema went on to reveal how firmly rooted in the past, he and his organization still are, by regurgitating these absolute beauties:

Revolutionary struggles in other countries failed when the new ruling parties neglected to provide political education for their members.


Zimbabwe would not be where it is today if [Zanu-PF] was guided by proper, consistent revolutionary theory.

And finally,

The ANC and its youth wing could suffer the same fate if young members were not taught party propaganda.

Someone needs to grab this fool by the ear and remind him that the revolution ended in 1994 when the ANC democratically replaced the apartheid National Party of South Africa. This country does not require more young people to be taught “party propaganda.” The last thing we need is more crazy politicians spouting propagandist nonsense at every turn; which they would have been taught at Mr. Malema’s school for new-age revolutionaries.

Contrary to Malema’s claims, it is organizations like the ANCYL that corrupt the youth with idiotic political propaganda, and turn normally well-behaved students into rioting maniacs who trash their own learning institutions. It is not the youth in the ANCYL that needs to be taught discipline; it is the old guard who are out of touch with reality. Malema should enrol all his ANCYL cronies in this school, so that they could be taugh some discipline. However, I venture that this school will be teaching anything but discipline. The major subject, one suspects, in schools of politics, is self-interest 101.

Our youth should not be going to political schools, or joining dinosaur organizations such as the ANCYL. Our youth should be studying science, technology, medicine and how to become productive members of society. Our youth should be taught decency, not politics.

Ode to Zimbabwe

Following the latest deadlock in the talks aimed at breaking the political impasse in Zimbabwe, I think it’s necessary (and really so damn easy) to take a last swipe at Mad Bob Mugabe and his cronies; for a little while anyway or until their next act of utter stupidity. [Edit: I’d just like to add that I was inspired to compose this limerick by the Reverend Joseph E Lowery, after watching him conduct the Benediction at the Barack Obama inauguration ceremony on Tuesday]

Ode to Zimbabwe

In a forlorn land, once called Rhodesia

Where Zanu-PF have now developed amnesia

Of a once troubled land just a little South

That was once also ruled by many an Apartheid lout

And now Zim’s money is really no good

They have more useless paper bills, than food

All ’cause Mad Bob has once more stolen the vote

They really need to get rid of him, the crazy old goat

And his spokesman, Matonga is not too Bright

They ought to kick his ass and give him a fright

But that may not work too well

‘Cause all Bob’s lackey’s are surely from Hell