Mystery happiness


On the way home this afternoon, I was engulfed in a sudden wave of happiness. And being self-aware added to my feeling of blissful satisfaction.

Was it because it’s the weekend? Perhaps.

Was it because I don’t have to face absurd project schedules, sorry-looking financial reports and budget constraints for another two days? Maybe.

Was it because of that nice bottle of whiskey in my trunk that I picked up on special at the liquor store? Why not?

Was it because of the that female serving assistant at the fast food joint that charmed me shamelessly while waiting for my order? Could well be.

Or was it a combination of all of these?

I can’t really say for certain. What I do know (or read somewhere) is that the feeling of happiness is really hard to pinpoint with any degree of certainty. It comes and goes with the wind… or without.

What I do know is that I’m going to ride that sucker for as long as I can. Hopefully the whole weekend through.

I do wish much of the same for you and more…

Still hung over

Another one of those awesome weekends… thought so at the time.

On Monday it does not feel so awesome. Into Tuesday, and it feels only marginally better. Is it possible to still be hung over two days into the week? Certainly feels like it.

Hence this meaningless post. Hopefully things get back to normal tomorrow. Perhaps an appropriate song in the interim.

Damn you whiskey. I might just forgive you this weekend. We’ll see…

Slightly Orff

Yet another awesome weekend spent with friends, albeit one involving copious quantities of alcohol (whiskey to be precise), and some charity work.

Carmina Burana by Orff is a composition that I listen to quite often in the car. The original Carmina Burana on which Orff based his composition, is a collection of 254 poems that were written in Medieval Latin and High German by clerics and students to satirize the Catholic Church. Just the kind of thing that I find personally satisfying.

Earlier this weekend I came across this masterpiece by the Sydney Symphony and Sydney Choirs Orchestra which in the spirit of the original poems, not only parodies Carmina Burana, but pays tribute to sleep-deprived parents. This had me in fits of laughter.

Now be really good; put your phone down and go to bed.