Oinck if you think the cops have gone ape shit over PigSpotter

Over the last few days, the South African traffic police have become highly visible, and in great numbers too. I’ve never seen them in such a frenzy before. Seems that the guy who uses the handle @PigSpotter to tweet about the police road blocks [he has since stopped tweeting about road blocks and exposes only speed traps] and speed trapping positions have really got to them.

Well, praise the great big sky fairy, hallelujah; somebody needed to get these tubs of lard out of their lazy, disrespectful, bribery-infested, revenue-collecting comfort zones, and back to the real world of traffic law enforcement. Yes, that’s right, it’s now common knowledge that the daily actions of the traffic cops has little to do traffic law enforcement, but a whole lot to do with generating revenue for the despicable bureaucrats who piss away our taxes; and off course it gives them a chance to throw their weight around too.

But, hold your excitement; the cops may be in this panicked state of activity because they have declared all-out war on PigSpotter for disrupting the utopian existence they were enjoying up to this point. I think they are shell-shocked; stunned that one individual, with a little help from the amazing world of modern technology, dared to take them on, and expose the rot that had set in. And now, they are going to inconvenience and harass the rest of us (just like they always do), in their contemptible efforts to arrest PigSpotter.

I’m not surprised the cops have decided to resort to using force to answer their critics. The petty intention to arrest and prosecute PigSpotter confirms that they have not learnt anything from this historic event that played out over the past week. They are still oblivious to the fact that the disrespect that the public show towards them, is a direct response to the disrespect and contempt that they have for the people they are supposed to serve. These pitiful blobs need to realize that we don’t appreciate the speed-ticketing extortion racket they are running, and we don’t like the abuse of authority hiding behind that ugly uniform and badge.

PigSpotter has shown us that power belongs to the people; we don’t have to tolerate the hypocrisy, exploitation and tyranny from men in uniform or sleazy politicians in pin-stripe suits. It’s also quite plain from all the media commentary, that the public are nearly 100% behind him. I don’t buy the protestations from the Justice Project SA (JPSA) that the police are victims (???) too, and I’m sure the majority don’t either.

I’m hoping that PigSpotter provides the impetus needed for the people to take back the power that was guaranteed to them in the Constitution, but so nauseatingly swindled away from us by the suits and their enforcers in uniform.