Bend over, there’s more to come after the highway robbery

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Toll roads! If there’s any motorist who likes the idea, you’re on the wrong side of the fence of a mental institution.

We pay taxes so that roads, among other essential infrastructure can be built. When the roads are tolled, after being built with taxpayers hard-earned cash, that’s highway robbery.

But don’t expect politicians to pay heed or understand that; they’re really useless at generating wealth; just spectacular at expropriating it.

The initial toll proposals for the Gauteng Freeway Improvement Project (GFIP) up here on the Reef in South Africa, were greeted with derision and indeed howls of laughter. Did these morons in government actually think we the citizens were going to pay those absurd tolls for a road we had already paid, many times over?

After the citizens demanded a rethink by government, the new toll structure announced over the weekend are really no better. One government spokesperson had the audacity to speculate that the new proposal was fair to everyone.

That is everyone who stands to benefit from the tenders involved in the project, not to mention the grubby self-serving politicians themselves who are without doubt involved somehow.


This comes fresh on the heels of the announcement that government intends to tax us even further to sustain their latest hair-brained scheme known as National Health Insurance (NHI).

Yes folks, prepare to bend over after being robbed at a tollbooth, so that the swines’ in  government can reach up your ass and wrench out whatever is left, to pay for the health insurance you’re going to need after becoming destitute.

Public health is currently a cesspool of corruption and incompetence. We don’t need to feed this monster with any additional taxation so that it becomes bigger and more uncontrollable.

Taxpayers who are already overburdened by government extortion to fund their lavish lifestyles, feed those hungry tender machines, keep their cronies happy, and sustain those extravagant post-apartheid pipe dreams, should refuse to be treated as cash cows, and fight this tyranny with all they’ve got.

No more, please! Or we’re going to take this to the street…

Scum making news: Tuesday, February 22

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The proposed implementation of excessive tolls on Gauteng Provinces main highways has been suspended by Minister of Transport Sbu Ndebele, until further deliberations have been conducted with relevent stakeholders. This after a mammoth outcry from the irrelevant stakeholders also known as Joe Public.

Later, Gauteng Premier Nomvula Mokonyane announced that:

South Africans can be best assured that government is doing everything possible to resolve this matter in a manner that will be in the best interests of the commuter, road user and the state for future development and management of our road infrastructure in the country.

The Premier must surely be as proficient a scumbag as the honourable Transport Minister, if she expects the thinking public to actually buy this garbage. Let’s take a few steps back:

  1. An elaborate and sophisticated open tolling system is constructed, not on a new road, but on an existing road that has been upgraded with additional lanes.
  2. National government proceeds to announce a complicated, and outrageously expensive tolling fee structure.
  3. The Gauteng Provincial government pretends to be against the tolling system after protests started gaining momentum, and decides to raise the issue with National government.

What’s wrong with this picture?

  1. Why were existing roads already paid for by the public converted to toll roads, without adequate alternative routes being in place, nor for that matter anything closely resembling public transport infrastructure?
  2. Why were there no prior consultations on the toll fee structure and why were the public not involved in the decision-making process; one that has the potential to ruin many of them financially?
  3. Isn’t it just way too convenient for the Provincial Administration, belonging to the same political party as the national administration, to deny knowledge of the whole scheme, and to act as some sort of messiah, so close to the upcoming local government elections?

No, no, no, Nomvula, I am pretty sure that this whole open tolling system is just another elaborate self-enrichment scam being perpetrated by the ANC-government on the mostly ignorant public. The best interests of the commuter and road user was never considered, because this whole situation would not have developed to where it is now, if consideration for the public was the first priority.

Admit it, self-enrichment was the first and only consideration in this whole ghastly scam.