The Killers Rocked, The Dome Sucked…

Friday last week saw the Killers performing one of two shows at the Sundome in Johannesburg, South Africa. While The Killers were at their inimitable best, the venue did them a great disservice.

A good stage act should be complimented by good lighting and sound. Sometimes, even a mediocre stage act can be redeemed by excellent lighting and sound. However the Sundome is not a good concert venue. It was built for exhibitions and the acoustics are atrocious. For anyone in the audience not standing immediately in front of the stage (the so-called Golden Circle) the sound experience is lost.

And while The Killers had the benefit of the full power of the sound system, the support act, Zebra and Giraffe who are a truly excellent local band, did not. Those who were in the back of the venue were robbed of experiencing the true quality of this band. The promoters should hang their heads in shame for not using an alternative venue. It has long been known that The Sundome is not good acoustically for live concerts; especially rock concerts.

But, does Johannesburg have a viable alternative? Considering that we have the largest audience for live rock (and other) music in the country, it’s time the City or promoters came up with one.