The Stars above a Mountain

Terje Sorgjerd photographer extraordinaire, has done it again. This time his video is a time-lapse photographic rendition of the Milky Way galaxy above Spain’s highest mountain, El Teide.

Join me in marvelling at the majesty of the cosmos, and man’s amazing ability to visualize it artistically:

Aurora Borealis vs The Star of Bethlehem

Thanks to a Facebook friend who provided the link, today I watched the most amazing video of the aurora borealis over Kirkenes and Pas National Park near the Russian border, by a really gifted photographer. Terje Sorgjerd used time-lapse photography to capture the stunning images you are about to see, in some very inhospitable conditions too.

This awesome display of lights is a natural phenomenon that occurs in the sky at the polar regions due to the collision of charged particles under the influence of the earth’s magnetic field.

After watching the video I got this strange notion that had the author’s of the bible known about this beautiful visual phenomenon, they would surely have opted to script Jesus being born under such an awe-inspiring light show. Instead we get a supposed divine entity being born under a very bright star, among billions of other very bright stars not visible to man.

Wouldn’t you rather have Jesus being born under something spectacular like the aurora borealis, than a common bright star?