My first smartphone selfie.

IMG_20140621_215414I took this a few weeks ago, before my gallbladder operation and forgot all about it. Yeah, I know. You can plainly see how much pain I was in.

But that’s going to be my last selfie too. These things are just plain stupid.

When having a smartphone isn’t so smart

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I was at a friend’s house last night and decided to stay over after consuming a wee too much whisky. The plan was to get up early in the morning, drive home, shower, change and leave for work.

Truth be told, I do this… far too often. But that’s another story.

Setting the alarm for 5 AM on my Smartphone (which was my first, only having got it a month or so ago), I went to bed in the guest room, a little worse for wear. But some time during the night, my smart phone battery died. Needless to say, I did not get up at the intended hour… and that’s why Smartphones are not so smart.

Yeah, yeah, I hear you say, you did not check that the battery was charged adequately. Actually I did, groggy as I was. The battery indicator indicated, or seemed to indicate that it was at half strength at least.

This is the problem with Smartphones. The battery dies all to quickly. And it is never consistent. Sometimes it lasts longer than at other times. I know it has something to do with all those smart apps that’s running. But only recently I deleted one email account and some apps, but it did not make any difference.

These mobile phones need to be charged at least once a day. That’s goddamn annoying!

And so today I found out that Nokia is putting out a  mobile phone whose battery life runs to 38 days. Freakin’ awesome! Only problem is the operating system is 14 years old and it will not run all these modern battery draining apps. I don;t know why they’re calling it the Dumbphone. To my mind most of these modern apps are pretty intrusive and useless, not to mention as annoying as the battery life on the cellphones that run them.

I most certainly could live without them. I did quite fine without smartphones for a long while, and I think having to go without charging the battery for more than a week, will be heaven.

Life’s too short to throw away scrutinizing apps, and yes, even texting for that matter.