South Africa on the verge of becoming another dysfunctional State?

The South African flag

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A South African constitutional watchdog body, the Council for the Advancement of the South African Constitution (CASAC) has cautioned that the country is on the verge of becoming just another dysfunctional state.

Sipho Pityana, the chairperson of CASAC stated today in no uncertain terms that:

It is now beyond doubt that corruption and patronage are so pervasive, rampant and crippling in our society that we are on the verge of being deemed a dysfunctional state …

Perhaps South Africa is already a truly dysfunctional state. Like a dysfunctional family that somehow manages to stay together, the country is tottering along, with everything seemingly functional to the casual observer. There are the contributors who ensure a constant supply of funding to the state’s coffers, and then there are the politicians and their cronies who siphon it off, ever so smoothly. An ugly¬†un-symbiotic relationship that works!!!

Underneath the visage of normality however, the ugly rot that embodies the patronage, corruption, looting, disdain and incompetence, is starting to break the surface. Those who care enough to notice and speak out are reviled and castigated for being racist or impudent or both, or in most cases simply ignored.

But those who stand the most to lose when the rot finally consumes the entire country, remain amazingly silent. Are we experiencing ignorance on a massive scale, or have Africans [people of Africa, not race] become immune to being persecuted?