It’s Friday Night and I’m Cleaning Up My Blog While Sipping on a Vodka Lemonade

I had some trouble over the last few days with my blog’s home pageĀ appearance. For some reason my sidebar disappeared and then reappeared at the bottom of the page. I could not view one of my posts on the home page; the one about Zimbabwe’s fantastic inflation rate. I tried changing themes and became quite exasperated, when nothing seemed to work.

I cannot believe that at one point, I even suspected Mugabe’s henchmen of sabotaging my blog page because of the post I made about the inflation. Eventually, the Vodka’s worked their magic and I have now managed to change the theme and appearance and everything seems to be in the right place.

I hope you will like the new simple white and grey theme, nothing fancy. I’m sure my Christian colleague from work will appreciate the change from the previous dark black scheme, which incidentally led him to believe I was linked to Satanism. Strange people, these religious types; who seem to immediately associate black with Satanism. Now that the appearance has changed, I wonder which freak cult or religious abominationĀ he will now associate me with?