He’s White and he’s right

Afrikaans: Vlaggedrappeerde vektorkaart, Suid-...


This is South Africa, post-apartheid… 18 years to be precise. It’s come to this. No, no, no. Actually it’s been like this for 18 years.

Whenever a White person speaks out against the Black government, about the sad state of the nation, the sad state of democracy, they’re labelled whiners, or worse, apartheid denialists and racists. Sometimes you’d hear the popular refrain “White is not right.” When a Black person does the same thing, they’re labelled coconuts, traitors and worse things besides.

I speak out as often as I can; not always expressing myself with the same finesse as newspaper columnist William Saunderson-Meyer. But he’s one of those who are White and right. Truth has no colour…

No skaam. The dire state of an increasingly brazen SA

South Africa is in a dire state. Incompetence and irresponsibility are rife. Bad behaviour is the norm and few dare challenge it, which contributes to the undermining of democracy.

No, that’s not opposition Democratic Alliance leader, Helen Zille, on song. Boiled down, that’s the view of Auditor-General Terence Nombombe. He was this week lamenting the collapse of the public service at every level, from municipal to national, saying that the government’s lack of support for his office was making it irrelevant.

His concerns echo those of the Public Protector, Thuli Madonsela. She speaks of how the ‘silent thief’ of corruption has stolen the constitutional dream and how the secrecy Bill would derail her constitutionally mandated role.

As a nation, we should blush at the hash we are making of freedom. Unfortunately, South Africans are not big on embarrassment. Our instinct is to brazen it out.

The popular phrase, ‘S/he has no skaam‘ — one of those subtle Afrikaans words that encompasses being abashed, humbled and ashamed, even humiliated, but also penitent — should be emblazoned on the country’s coat-of-arms. In Khoisan, of course, so that not too many understand it. No one wants their nose rubbed in the national affliction.

Read the rest of this brilliant article here. It’s the right thing to do.

Shame on you, NANCY

The ANC (African National Congress) which celebrated its 98th anniversary on the 8th of January, has in recent times become a shadow of the principled, honourable organization it once was. Men of integrity such as Nelson Mandela, Oliver Tambo and Walter Sisulu have long since given way to a new class of leadership which styles itself around self-interest and loathsome behaviour, reminiscent of power-hungry dictators all over the world.

A post-apartheid ANC earned the right of governing the new South Africa, with honour and distinction. That was little more than 15 years ago. Now,  true leadership has become a distant memory. The right to lead and govern is no longer earned; it is now demanded. In ANC circles, this is the age of entitlement.

It seems this new breed of ANC leadership have learnt well from the mistakes of despots such as Robert Mugabe. Why hang around for more than 25 years and then raid the treasury? Better to raid the treasury in the beginning of your term of office, then live off the fat for the next 25 years, or as long as you can still rig the vote.

Not that the ANC have ever rigged the vote, but it is not in their interest to rule brazenly, in the dictatorial fashion of Robert Mugabe; not yet anyway. There’s much work to be done – appease, placate, sweet-talk the sheeple, while the taxes roll in. Then, as Patricia de Lille, leader of the opposition Independent Democrats commented on a television show recently, “loot the treasury.”

Traces of the work ahead for the ANC could be found in leader of the ANC, Jacob Zuma’s New Year speech in the Northern Cape on Saturday. The usual platitudes were in abundance. While conceding that local Municipalities were in near disarray because employees also held leadership positions in the ANC  which caused the “blurring of political and administrative roles,” he promised that the ANC would “tighten its deployment procedures.” He was quoted as saying:

We will tighten our deployment procedures to ensure that we deploy comrades with political integrity and professional competence.

Where will he find these “comrades?” Political integrity and professional competence is almost unheard of within the ANC today. And surely not in the ANC Youth League (ANCYL) which traditionally spawned leadership greats such as Nelson Mandela and Oliver Tambo. The Youth League of today is noted for producing pin-heads such as Julius Malema and other misfits, more suited to rabble-rousing than leadership or administration.

Right now, this new breed of leadership needs to own up to having sullied the memory of this once great organization, and as penance, change its name to the New-ANC (NANC) or as I dis-affectionately like to refer to it, as Nancy.

Waiting for god to click his fingers…

A group of right-wing Afrikaners, seemingly disillusioned with post-apartheid South Africa, met this weekend to draw up a strategy for their liberation from reality; actually they prefer to call it liberation from the yoke of black oppression.

Basic observation teaches us that all men and women are not equal; the reality is that people have different abilities and different levels of competence in common abilities. It is conceivable that these characteristics of individuals, can be extended to even race groups. So, I have no beef really with a race group which wants to assert a superior characteristic (such as building laagers); it is evolutionary and natural after all. And if that group also wanted to associate only with members of their own race, then that’s fine too; freedom of association is permissable in most civilized countries; maybe even desirable.

It does irk me though, when a race group claims that their version of god (they do emphasize that it is a Christian version of god) endowed them with a superior genetic make-up which bestows upon them titles such as Master Race, and then go on to claim that their god meant races to be separate. Apart from the fact that creation myths are infantile, such beliefs in the modern world ought to be ridiculed, and punishable by law. But such beliefs are indeed held and propagated in post-apartheid South Africa, by those Afrikaners, who gathered this weekend near a little town called Heilbron; all 3oo of them by some accounts.

Judging by the right-wing rhetoric of the many speakers at the gathering as reported here, intelligent strategizing may have eluded them altogether, while juvenile boasting seems to have been the only accomplishment of this gathering.

The ANC government is only the black glove on the white British fist. This ANC government was installed with only one purpose, to destroy our Volk.

The African person is genetically programmed for destruction. Everything he touches, he destroys.

The first paper they [the Blacks] saw was the Bibles they took from the wagons after they killed the Voortrekkers. The closest they came to brain surgery was beating the Voortrekkers’ heads in with knobkerries. Their only engineering achievement was to hitch a plough onto an ox. They have just celebrated Heritage Day – the only heritage their ancestors left them was a couple of clay pots.

However, the most asinine comment of the day belongs to Ronnie van der Merwe, chairman of the organizing committee for the Afrikaner gathering:

the Heavenly Father, with a click of His fingers, can make us a free Volk if He so wished.

Perhaps the so-called Heavenly Father, taking pity on his creation (in his image off course), did indeed click his fingers, and wish such a thing, way back in 1994, when the right-wing Afrikaner lost both his illegitimate power and rights to the land. But seeing as sound travels much slower than light, and that the Heavenly Father is ostensibly in deep space, these poor Afrikaners have a really long time to wait before that click of the fingers is heard on earth. And alas, even so, the volk will not be free for as long as the mind is enslaved to such archaic thinking.

While these Afrikaner radicals do not represent the larger White community in South Africa, they are representative of similar splinter groups all over the world. So while they  indulge mainly in crazy religious and racial ramblings and ludicrous claims for god-given land, it is not hard to imagine them one day resorting to the same fundamentalist violence that is endemic in certain parts of the world right now.