More apparel madness…

Imagine fashion conscious Paris having a law on their statute books that bans women from wearing pants? Yep, the 1799 law requiring women to get special permission from the police to “dress like men,” and although revised over the years to allow women to ride horses and bikes, has for some unfathomable reason never been repealed.

I pity the poor sod who tries to enforce it though, in these relatively enlightened times.

Enlightenment has still not reached some corners of this world however. The debate about the wearing of burkas by Moslem women still rages hotly in many countries, Paris being one of them. Whatever your views on this religious edict, the extension of the requirement to babies, should be considered ludicrous by anyone, no matter how insanely religious.

Yet, that is what is being proposed by a cleric from Saudi Arabia. A lunatic by the name of Sheikh Abdullah Daoud, claims that young girls and even babies should be forced to wear burkas to prevent them from being raped. In a country where Sharia law is strictly enforced, the incidence of rapes are on the increase. However under certain circumstances, rapists are unbelievably not subject to criminal prosecution.

Seems this idiotic cleric has not quite worked out yet, that a piece of cloth is not going to prevent some perverted bastard from raping a child. Is it because like many others inspired by archaic religious texts, he thinks that men are not to blame?

Freshly Played #4: Khadja Nin

Wale Watu

Khadja Nin’s Wale Watu is a 1992 cover version of the song Keep on Singing released around 1987 by Sebastian Santa Maria. Khadja was born in Burundi, but now lives in Belgium. I loved this song the very first time I listened to it on release, but lost my CD when my house was broken into in the late 90’s. I however managed to re-acquire it a few weeks ago and have been listening to it almost daily.

A commenter on YouTube posted his English interpretation of the lyrics for Khadja’s version [lyrics here], which differs from the original song by Sebastian Santa Maria [further below]:

Far from all countries/Far from Paris or Rome/There are poor people/They don’t cry; they don’t beg/They respond in this way (?)/Those people sing/Even if they sleep hungry/Come in this way…everyday

Let alone useless words/Don’t moan about your health/You don’t know poverty/Look at those people/They don’t cry, they don’t beg/Those people sing/Even if they sleep hungry

Keep on Singing

Far away from the demonstrations,/Cities like Paris or Rome/Miles away from United Nations/You know this place that waits for more/Miles from Swissair’s destinations

There’s people singing in despite of all/There ain’t the things you know, yet they sing/They keep on singing…./Ooh, Bodah Budah Budeh…

Don’t come up with your Mapa Mundi/Or the latest Wildlife magazine/What your camera brought from Burundi/The front of your Ever-seen(?)/The streets of Potosi

Freshly Played #3: Edith Piaf

Non je ne regrette rien

A cousin told me she would like this song played at her funeral. I made a deal with her that I would be honoured if she would do the same for me. Bit macabre, yes. But there’s never a good time to plan your mourners’ entertainment, no?

I’m older, so there’s no point in waiting for the dreaded day to listen this again.

How many Atheists will the Vatican convert? Seriously?

The Pontifical Council must be losing it. Last year they announced an initiative to reach out to Atheists by staging a series of debates and other forms of dialogue, in an effort to foster better relations.

Known as Courtyard of the Gentiles, the Vatican has now revealed that the event will take place in Paris, France on March 24-25. But it seems that they may follow through with their stated intention of not allowing some of the world’s most outspoken Atheists such as Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens to participate. Apparently the “irony and sarcasm” of these gentlemen are not appreciated.

One news source I read today proclaimed that the event is aimed at introducing non-believers to God. Ahem!

I would tend to think that Atheists are quite well acquainted with the gods of the world – which is why they’ve become non-believers! It never ceases to amaze me how believers still hang onto the notion that non-believers are just angry with the gods for whatever reason, and it will just take some sort of enticement [such as this Courtyard of the Gentiles initiative], or even the fear of approaching death, to get us back among the faithful again.

Anyway, if “sarcasm and irony” is missing from the event in Paris, it would just be another great big boring preaching session. It’s not like the Church, that bastion of backwards thinking, is going to teach an Atheist something new.