Denial ≠ Shit, we've been caught again!

The ANC are paragons of virtue and honesty!

I’m not shitting you; they honestly expect you to think that because you’re so fucking ignorant, right? Right? We all know that everything they’ve told us about how they run the government is true, right? Right!

The newspapers always lie right? Right! How can you believe such dreadful accusations that are levelled daily – no hourly – against these icons of virtue? Shame on you!

The NIA have just denied tapping the phone conversations of  Helen Zille, leader of the Democratic Alliance (DA). A National Intelligence Agency spokesperson has stated quite clearly that:

Our work is strictly governed by legislation and we have a number of oversight structures that ensure we execute our mandate within the prescripts of the law.

We all know that the ANC spokespeople are amazingly honest, right? Right! We all know that these oversight structures are beyond reproach, right? Right! And we all know that the prescripts of the law are the most effective deterrent against criminality, right? Right!

Just wanted to clear that up.