Kosher nail polish and lascivious Barbie dolls

Pink nail polish.

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Two online articles left me in stitches this afternoon, both of which point to the sheer absurdity of clerical interference in religion.

I don’t need to convince you that religion on its own can be amazingly daft in its prescriptions to mankind, but clerical interpretations over the centuries, and the concomitant add-on’s from them pushes them [religions] to lethally farcical limits. It also leaves non-believers pulling their hair out, despairing for the future of the human race.

The first post was about plain old nail polish. Up to now I thought they only came in different colours and made women’s fingers and toes look weird. I had no idea they came in halaal [kosher] and illicit [non-kosher] varieties too. I also had no idea that Muslim women were not allowed to adorn the non-kosher kind because it prevents water from touching the actual finger nail. It seems that this is a requirement before engaging in prayer. Should a Muslim women put on non-halaal nail polish, it would force her to use a removing agent, and then re-apply the varnish up to five times a day, to engage in the other requirement of this faith.

That’s all well and good, but I don’t for one minute believe that the Islamic faith has such a requirement. There’s ample reason to believe however, that a patriarchal shit-for-brains cleric introduced these requirements at some point in time during the often violent history of the Islamic faith. I really can’t imagine a god requiring water to touch your nails before you worshipped his tyrannical ass. That would be far too perverse, even for a god.

English: this is a picture of my Barbie doll

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In the second post, the interference and dumb-fuckery of religious clerics is plainly stated. In Iran [quite possibly in other fascist Islamic countries too], the common Barbie doll is considered a destructive social and cultural influence and is banned. The only permitted dolls for children are supposed to be drab chunks of plastic, kitted out in “loose-fitting” clothing that covers it from head to toe. Exposed plastic would be an insult to the gods, if not to the retarded religious fuck’s who make up these asinine rules. They’re expecting their children to believe that every girl in the decadent West grows up to become a murderous slut.

Can you imagine a god who would prefer a young girl to have an AK47 instead of a Barbie doll? The clerics can. That’s why they make up this ridiculous shit.

Who’s to say that the clerics in Iran won’t start compelling young girls to paint only halaal nail polish on their dorky dolls in future?