I’ll give the Creationist’s this much: they’re certainly trying harder

I know! I know! The creation/evolution debate is getting nauseatingly old. I know there’s really nothing to debate anymore; the position of evolution is unassailable, except in the minds of creationists off course.

But I’ll give them this much: they’re not giving up trying to convince anyone who still bothers to listen, that Adam and Eve were the progenitors of mankind.

There was a time when creationism was regarded as a fact simply because the bible said so. Believing otherwise was blasphemous and indeed at some points in history, punishable by death.

As science unveiled the ignorance associated with believing without evidence, Creationists resorted to concocting “evidence” which fitted loosely with their beliefs. With scientific evidence for evolution growing stronger with corroboration across multiple scientific fields of study, it became apparent to the die-hard believers that they also needed to annex science to their cause. This resulted in the absurd proposition of Intelligent Design being conjured up.

Never was science so disgracefully abused as by institutions such as The Discovery Institute and others, to keep alive a hopelessly failed and much-maligned ideology.

However some people such as evangelist Ray Comfort and misguided former television star, Kirk Cameron preferred to hold onto the primitive banana theory, as proof of Creation.

But after watching this YouTube video of a debate on CTS’s Michael Coren Show, between Jason Wiles of Mcgill University and Lawrence Tisdall of the Creation Science Association in Quebec, I realised that Creationism is still taken very seriously these days.

More disconcerting however is the fact that the purveyors of this obsolete doctrine, are increasingly using very sophisticated arguments loosely based on valid science, to further their cause. It’s really remarkable how bullshit can be cloaked in respectability. Indeed the whole perverted ideology of Creationism is disingenuously referred to as Creation Science now.

It is astounding that people in this modern world with so many enlightening resources at their disposal, can still believe the absurd in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

I guess it all goes to show that the brain is a remarkable tool which can be subjected to the most amazing acts of contortion.