Show me the way

… no eternal reward will forgive us now for wasting the dawn. – Jim Morrison

Seems most everyone needs someone to show him or her the way at some point.

While Jim Morrison of The Doors would have you believe that it was only to show him the way to the next whisky bar, you can be certain he had a pretty good idea that life was meant to be lived fully, for it’s of no use withering it away on false beliefs and insecure activities, in the hope of an after-life reward.

Morrison was famous for reciting poetry, sometimes improvising on the spur of the moment during live performances. And they don’t come better than the opening line to this blog.

Watch the entire video [the epicness comes between the Alabama Song and Love Me Two Times featured on the video above]. Below you will find the full extract of the poem Stoned Immaculate written by Morrison.

I’ll tell you this…
No eternal reward will forgive us now
For wasting the dawn.
Back in those days everything was simpler and more confused
One summer night, going to the pier
I ran into two young girls
The blonde one was called Freedom
The dark one, Enterprise
We talked and they told me this story
Now listen to this…
I’ll tell you about Texas radio and the big beat
Soft driven, slow and mad
Like some new language
Reaching your head with the cold, sudden fury of a divine messenger
Let me tell you about heartache and the loss of god
Wandering, wandering in hopeless night
Out here in the perimeter there are no stars
Out here we IS stoned