How Arsenal Got Their Groove Back

What have we here? Five straight wins in a row in the EPL, four consecutive wins coming from behind. They’re calling that a new record.

So what’s happened to make Arsenal get their familiar groove back? Here’s six reasons why I think they’re dancing up a storm:

  1. Robin van Persie – 26 goals scored already in the EPL, some of the most stunning I’ve seen. Need I say more.
  2. Tomas Rosicky – His resurgence of form has changed the dynamics of the midfield which was starting to look rather lacklustre without the two who left and who shall remain nameless. And off course, Alex Song remains a steady force to guide things along; his brilliant passes are beginning to tell.
  3. Theo Walcott – Seems to be maintaining consistency, getting better at making quick decisions,  and is starting to pick out killer passes.
  4. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain – a breath of fresh air. His inclusion in the starting line-up has infused a new energy in the team. What a pleasure to watch a youngster making his mark on the game.
  5. Thomas Vermaelen – his return has bolstered the defence, which was practically non-existent in his absence. I should also give a shout out here to Laurent Koscielny who is improving remarkably, Bacary Sagna whose return gives us that extra dimension on the right wing, and Wojciech Szcezesny whose goalkeeping skills keep on improving.
  6. Arsene Wenger – the manager’s pig-headedness in the face of massive pressure from the fans is a measure of his principles, and perhaps a blessing in disguise.

So what’s going to keep this momentum going? More of the same. The new-found energy and confidence must convert to relentless pressure for the whole 90 minutes. And it wouldn’t hurt to see the backs of Marouane Chamakh, Johan Djourou and Andre Arshavin for good, and a certain German striker joining the ranks instead.

Dear Mr Wenger, I know I said I wouldn’t, but…

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Granted. You’re probably the most revolutionary manager/coach in World football today. You’re a purist. You teach your players to play a style of football that is most pleasing on the eye – like poetry in motion.

But, what an embarrassing disaster on Sunday in the Carling Cup Final against Birmingham!

It’s great that you have eleven players on the field who all want to drive forward and score goals – yes even your goalkeeper [but not Chamakh – he still looks afraid to score]. You saw how eagerly Szczesny came way out of position in the game on Sunday. But seriously, the world is not ready yet for this exceedingly adventurous style of play. Defending is still an essential part of the game.

You need to have at least 4 players defending at most times. Please restrain their eagerness to behave like strikers. Maybe you need to get some big burly guys at the back who will be loath to venture forward due to the tiredness this causes.

Please get your defence sorted out. Take them to the Fireman’s Academy; teach them NOT TO PANIC!!!

There is much work to be done before your team can hold some silverware. But first they need to hold their nerve.

I trust you will do the right thing.

Your faithful fan,