Freshly Played #24: Nothing Else Matters



Damn, can’t choose between the two. But it matters not; they’re both so brilliant. And would you believe it’s possible to head-bang to cellos?

And oh, this awesome video of Ukrainian sand artist Kseniya Simonova which features Apocalyptica, never gets old.

What talent, and the music….

Kseniya Simonova? Yeah, doesn’t ring a bell, does it? This mighty talented young women hails from the Ukraine, and that’s probably why she is relatively unknown.

But my! oh! my! what talent! Sand animation? I’ll bet not too many people have that particular talent. On the attached YouTube video she paints the sad history of her country in sand, with some really beautiful, but sad music for accompaniment.

I particularly enjoyed that Apocalyptica rendition of the Metallica hit, Nothing Else Matters, at the end, which is a personal favorite of mine. I hope you enjoy as I and more than 14 million other people no doubt did.