The day many South Africans sold their freedom to worship at the feet of a power-hungry fox

There was rejoicing in the streets of many communities and cities across South Africa today as the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) announced  that President-in-waiting, Jacob Zuma, would not be prosecuted for criminal charges against him. While Lady Justice lay sprawled on the ground, writhing in agony from being repeatedly raped by a conniving fox, there were wild celebrations by ignorant supporters, to mark this inglorious day.

More disgraceful than the fact that Justice had its teeth kicked in once again by slimy politicians, was the behaviour of their supporters. Politically naive South Africans are all too eager to bestow demigod status on deceitful politicians, and therein lies many of this country’s problems. In a country with a more politically savvy population, this outrageous manipulation of the Justice system would not have been tolerated, and power-hungry schemers such as Zuma would be sharing a cell with Bubba.