Beating around the bush, and churning out the rubbish

The late George Carlin was undoubtedly one of the classiest comedians to ever analyze the world’s idiosyncracies with such side-splitting accuracy. His take below on the way politicians speak without actually saying anything, is a typical example:

Now contrast the way American politicians speak, with the way this Nutter from South Africa does:

Some choice. Listen to utter lies, American style or utter rubbish, South African style. While I prefer neither, given a choice I would opt for the charming American lies, rather than the sickening racist, revolutionary tripe that is favored by South Africa’s current batch of dictators in the making.

Even though we laugh like crazy every time this idiot opens his mouth, I accept that it may be something of a sacrilege mentioning Malema while writing about a true comedian, such as Carlin.