Jacob Zuma's State of the Nation Speech: 10 February 2011

Following a week in which the ANC did some serious damage to its credibility, the State of the Nation address by President Zuma was eagerly anticipated, mostly by those who rightly condemned his abominable behaviour while campaigning for the elections over the past weekend.

Expecting more of the rhetoric, promises and dubious claims of achievements that Zuma has become famous for during his term of office, most people were not too disappointed…with the usual hollow offering. It was a case of the same old crap…nice to hear as it rolls of the tongue; bitter to swallow as it slowly evaporates into nothing, until the next round of speeches.

In effect, about 5180 words that say so little. What an utter waste of time…

I suppose not everyone is unhappy; his entourage of cronies will be licking their lips at the thought of a sizeable chunk of the money being set aside for that hair-brained job creation scheme, coming their way.