Madness in Zimbabwe: Gideon Gono and God Generate Giggles

Gideon Gono, arguably the most inept central banker in the world, and one of Mad Bob Mugabe’s goons, knocked off another 12 zeros from Zimbabwe’s less than useless banknotes on Monday this week, in an attempt to re-value the currency. Under the tyranny of Mad Bob, the country’s inflation rate is running in excess of an amazing (hilarious?)  five sextillion percent. Five sextillion? Few people have even heard of such figures before, but that’s 5 followed by 21 zeros!

And if Gideon Gono is to be believed, god is apparently on his side. He claims that the global financial crisis has forced other countries to follow his example, and thus considers himself vindicated by god. Assuming god does exist, bad results such as the Zimbabwean inflation rate would certainly be true to character for him, considering the mess in evidence elsewhere in the world. Worse yet is that Gono believes that his governorship of the central bank is a success, and the people that work there are at the cutting edge of the country. Cutting edge all right! It’s making calculators obsolete because they can’t handle all the zeros!

I don’t know which is more laughable; Gono’s delusions about his competence or god’s helping hand in this fiasco?