And the swine flew in…

Following the recent general elections, South Africa is preparing for the inauguration of Jacob Zuma on Saturday, as the new President. By all accounts, the inauguration bash is set to cost in the region of 75-million rands, and seems rather extravagant for the tough economic times we are facing.

However, what is bothering me more is that it seems that every despot north of Pretoria, most notably one Robert Gabriel Mugabe, has been invited to blight our fair land with their human-rights-violating, presence. And it does not seem as if any leader of  note from the democratic first world, is set to attend. Don’t expect the Dalai Lama either.

And so we wait for the swine to fly in; to pig out at the inauguration trough.

The Most Powerful Man in the World is……Black

While watching the most significant inauguration in the history of the United States of America (possibly the world), yesterday, I realized that the most powerful man in the world is now black. It may seem like I’m making a big deal about the most powerful person in the world’s skin colour, but this observation is surely inescapable.

However, the real reason I make this racial observation is not because I myself am non-white (Indian actually); it’s just that this development contrasts with one of the most wretched men in the world, if not the most, Robert Gabriel Mugabe, self-declared President of Zimbabwe, who is also black. So we have the most powerful black man in world in the Northern Hemisphere who was voted overwhelmingy into power; and the most wretched black man in the world, in the Southern Hemisphere who stole an election, and is clinging onto power with disastrous consequences.

But that’s not all; under normal circumstances, most black governments in the world would aspire to attain the levels of honesty, morality and ethical standards demonstrated by Barack Obama, but here in South Africa it is becoming increasingly clear that most of our black government officials aspire to the wretchedness of one Robert Gabriel Mugabe. What a sad state of affairs for all black people.