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And just in case you think the GIF implies that man evolved from chimps – it does not. Man and chimp shared a common ancestor dating back around 7 million years ago.

The awful reality that must be faced should a God exist

I know a women who believes that her God has been testing her, for most of her life. She also believes that despite everything she goes through, her faith is still strong and true.

She has a son who is in his mid-twenties now, but has been mentally challenged since shortly after birth. The women believes that the condition of her son is one of the biggest tests her God has set for her.

Perhaps you think that I’m insensitive by writing about this? The truth is I feel sad for her son, but I have mixed feelings of pity and loathing for her.

Here we encounter the first horrific reality of a world with a god in it: the women is apparently eminent enough to warrant a God making another human being become the guinea pig in a test of her faith. The obvious conclusion is that this god does not value all human life equally. The obvious question is, by what criteria?

If anyone knows the answer to that question, I’m sure people everywhere who are afflicted by one form or other of physical or mental disability, are waiting to hear it. Yes, I’m talking about God’s pawns, or the world’s human guinea pigs.

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But let us continue. The women lives a reasonably good life, but not everything goes the way she would like. She’s self-employed, has a roof over her head, a decent enough husband, reasonably good food to eat, takes the odd holiday away. By most standards, she’s in a better position than the majority of the world’s population.

However, she has shitty relatives who are constantly fighting each other, business is mostly not that good, she has to skip paying some bills from month to month, she’s frequently sick (her husband too), close friends and family members have died from or are slowly succumbing to cancer, and she just can’t seem to win that Lottery. Worse, her immediate neighbor has just got that new 57 inch flat screen TV and imported Italian tiles in the kitchen, and the idiot across the road drives a super hot top-of-the-range Mercedes, while her husband makes do with that lousy Mazda that forever breaks down.

At these times she complains to anyone that will listen that her god is testing her, but she is confident that she has the strength to abide, and will be rewarded some day.

What she has failed to contemplate is the fact that somewhere in Africa, there is a child who has not eaten for days, using the hot sun and twinkling stars for his roof. This child is not thinking about TV’s and tiles, not even about that unmarked shallow grave that is his destiny. This child is even unaware he is the object of a cruel game in which a God has gone beyond testing, to torturing.

This my friends is the astounding reality of a world with a God in it.

Human thieves fine, animal thieves not…

Assuming there is indeed a god, HE is a real twat. I say HE because I cannot visualize a female god being such a vicious bastard; vindictive and scornful yes, but not so sadistic as to cause harm to an animal, but tolerate gross human misconduct.

Off course, if we consider that there is no proof of a supernatural being, then the often assumed highest form of evolutionary life, namely HUMANS, have a long way to go on their evolutionary journey.

By now, you’re probably wondering what the hell I’m ranting about?

Well, you see there is a baboon in the Cape Province of South Africa, nicknamed Fred, who has become infamous for “opening closed car doors and robbing tourists of their bags and food.” Fred does this for a living. However Fred’s idea of living is very basic – he just wants to survive from one day to the next. He views the tourists who venture into his domain as nothing more than his next meal ticket.

Fred gave up his natural diet because silly humans who encroached on his territory, thought it would be fun and amusing to feed him their carbohydrate rich food. Since Fred took a liking to this food source, the humans have not been as generous. Frustrated, Fred became a tad more energetic in his determination to get at this food source.

The silly humans cried foul and lodged many complaints about the behaviour of Fred, which as you know was directly caused by human stupidity in the first instance.

This led to the team responsible for managing the baboon population in the Cape Peninsula The Baboon Operational Group (BOG), making a shitty decision to capture and euthanize* Fred.

The moral of this tragic but true story is that it is okay to be human and steal from the treasury as our government leaders do, but you’re fucked if you’re a baboon. Breaking it down further, it implies that stealing to enhance your lifestyle is cool; stealing to fill your stomach as even some humans are forced into doing, is punishable with imprisonment and even death.

Fred’s gonna be dead; the human scum ahead…

*March, 27: Latest news reports suggest that Fred has already been captured and put down. If only I could read the same about some of our politicians…

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