Hair today, mo’ tomorrow

Okay, this is getting bizarre… but I’m secretly liking it.

Two women, complete strangers, in two days straight have stopped and said that they like my hair. I don’t believe anyone has ever said that before. A lot of people think long hair on guys is weird, and other things besides.

I’ve always had long hair (well mostly), but ever since the streaks multitudinous daubs of grey started appearing, I’ve taken to wearing a variety of hats. I am pushing 50 you know, and my uncle once told me that hats give you that distinguished (or something to that effect) look. It also hides the grey, which for me is more practical.

Why long hair?

Well, I have this thing about conformity, and long hair has been my way of telling the world to fuck itself. It’s an expression of freedom… and yeah, it’s rock star-ish. And no, I don’t believe any of that Samson and Delilah bullshit.

A few weeks ago, a cousin applied some hair dye to it which as they say on commercial “washed that grey right outa my hair.” And since then I’ve been hat-free, my locks free to dance in the wind. It’s kinda liberating actually, to not have to wear a hat.

Here’s a photograph my lady friend whose on crutches because of an injury, took of me just yesterday. I don’t do selfies, so this will have to do. Thank goodness my hands are hiding my ugly mutt, but you can just make out the longish hair, I think.


I think I’m going to grow it longer. Off course the hair dye will be needed again in about 4 weeks or so. Maybe another picture then, in shadows off course.

Please stop killing our rhinos, hunt down our politicians instead

The poaching of rhinos for their horns is reaching alarming proportions; South Africa alone lost 210 thus far this year. The recent spate of arrests in connection with this nauseating decimation of our endangered rhino species, is probably just the tip of the iceberg, as the huge demand from especially China and Vietnam seems to indicate a vast network of low-life scumbags, being involved.

A friend of mine recently commented that the rhino horn is only useful if strapped on. This is a common fallacy, as the rhino horn is ironically in huge demand, not for its aphrodisiac properties, but for its perceived medicinal value, although, it was at one time coveted in Yemen to make ornamental knife handles.

Orientals who believe in the medicinal properties of rhino horn indulge in the same kind of rabid, superstitious, uncritical thinking as Westerners who spend billions on homeopathic remedies. The sooner everyone understands that this shit doesn’t work, and never will, the sooner mankind as a whole can progress to the next level of evolution.

Studies carried out as far back as 1983, have shown that rhino horn has no medicinal value, and is composed of keratin; the same stuff as your fingernails and hair. Scientists have concluded that you would get the same effect from rhino horns as chewing your own fingernails.

So if any of you oriental keratin-crazy fools simply cannot do without your dose of rhino horn shavings, allow me to propose an alternative: why not hunt down all of Africa’s megalomaniacal politicians, pull off their fingernails one by one, and then scalp them too for a tasty aftersnack of hair-balls. I have heard rumors that Robert Mugabe and some of South Africa’s own, have quite exquisite, well-manicured fingernails.

Please spare the rhino and spear the politico…