Marching to be Equal

Dining with Lesbians

And so we went, together, holding hands. Marching for gay rights might sound ordinary to many of you but it’s very special to us, to me. My partner has never, I say never, joined a rally, march or demonstration of any sort. The closest she ever got was dropping me off two blocks away from the site I was going to hold IDAHOT at, and she was very shy about being seen even at that distance.

The rally itself was alright, about 1,000 people turned up.  I loved how one sign said “I am straight.  I support Gay Marriage” (too bad I couldn’t get it clearly on camera).  It was peaceful along the way and the police were nice, too (we had to ask for directions and were politely shown the way by a middle-aged policeman who showed no signs of negativity towards the gay rally).

On the way to…

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Pride (In the Name of Love and Rights)

I got talked into attending Joburg Pride. I’m so glad I did.

It’s simply marvellous really, that the event is attended by so many heterosexual men and woman. I had no idea.

The theme this year was “Protect Our Rights.”

I was truly amazed at the outpouring of love and camaraderie from the LGBTI community. After the Parade March was over, the spontaneous party atmosphere at the gathering point in Zoo Lake Sports Club had me dancing along with thousands of other people.

The really strange thing was not feeling like an outsider; it just felt so natural being there, celebrating our wonderful sexual diversity.

I’m definitely attending again next year. Maybe I’ll get into the whole costume thing this time…