I hate Black people

I’ll bet that Black people think I hate them because of the criticism I direct towards the South African government, the ANC Youth League and Julius Malema on a regular basis.

Well…I can now honestly confirm that I do. I hate Black people who:

  1. take advantage of other Black people because they are poor, uneducated, or both
  2. are in government to make a career of plundering the treasury
  3. believe they are entitled to wealth and status because they were denied it in the past
  4. believe they are entitled to jobs and career advancement because they were previously disadvantaged
  5. incite violence for whatever reason
  6. damage and destroy public and private property in protest against poor service delivery by government, and then vote for the same morons at the next election
  7. incessantly complain about colonialism, imperialism and the disgusting moral standards of the West, while openly welcoming the trappings of wealth, luxury and technological advancement, and aspiring to the same decadent lifestyle
  8. aspire to be politicians and clergymen
  9. are already in government
  10. hate White people

There you have it. Some day I’ll tell you why I hate Indian, White and Mixed Race people…