Happy Eôstre, Happy Earth Day, Happy Everyday…

Earth Day
Image by AlicePopkorn via Flickr

Commencing today millions of Jews and Christians around the world will inadvertently commemorate the pagan festival of Eôstre.

Hopefully many, many more will be purposefully celebrating Earth Day – an event of much greater significance to humanity as a whole. How sad that man was once in awe of the power and majesty of the natural world in his pagan state, but now reveres invisible beings supposedly conceived of a fertile and enlightened imagination.

How arrogant are we to consider ourselves more advanced than other living things when we continue to destroy the world, sometimes in the very act of pursuing the ignorant and superstitious beliefs of antiquity.

While it may not be practical to revert back to our pagan roots, how can we once again inculcate those wholesome but primitive values that endeared the natural world to us, while discarding our superstitions and irrational beliefs? Ultimately we may not have a choice; it may be imperative for the future survival of all species.

So while you’re partaking in the festivities of this Easter weekend, spare a thought for Earth and its REAL wonders.

Public Announcement:Easter Cancelled in South Africa

In what has been described as another insane moment in South African politics, the government in line with its new policy of testing public tolerance to the limits, has refused to issue a Visa to the Easter Bunny who usually visits this time of year. Since Easter just wont be the same without the Easter Bunny, it has been decided to cancel Easter Sunday, and Easter Monday, for good measure.

Newly appointed government spokesman, Pu Forbranes (recently seconded by China to assist the SA government with the fallout created by the refusal to allow the Dalai Lama into the country) issued a statement late this afternoon that they did not want to draw attention away from the upcoming elections by allowing the Easter Bunny to visit. He was quoted as saying that “people with bunnies on their mind are liable to concentrate more on a certain other social activity, than on voting. For this reason it is imperative that we as government, keep any distractions away from the voters, until after we’ve secured their votes.”

Later, in a follow-up to the announcement, another ruling party bigwig was quoted as saying “…there should have been consultation…” It has thus been established that anyone who wishes to enter the country (also known as the government’s own little fiefdom) should first consult with the SA government, especially of it coincides with a big government sponsored or brokered event. The most probable pupose of the “consultation is to determine if you’re contributing materially to the government’s cause, or if you are a tin-pot dictator. If you’re not contibuting to government’s (personal) cause, you’re a detractor, a real obstacle to the ideals of bigotry which apparently, are worshipped in government circles. Alternatively if you’re an outright dictator, or even one with a questionable human-rights record, then you’re most welcome in South Africa.

This government is of the opinion that the population are all half-wits who need to be protected from “distractions.”  This government demands centre stage and efforts to divert attention away from their peculiar antics, will be frowned upon.  If you must enter the country at all costs, and don’t wish to be insulted by government interrogators, Home Affairs, Customs Officers, or the police, then please enter via Zimbabwe. It’s so much easier by road; ask the multitide of Zimabweans who are here already.