The things I do for the people I like!

I walked into a Christian bookstore today…. and bought a book. Yeah, that’s right. This atheist bought Christian literature.

I never thought I’d ever walk into a Christian anything, let alone buy their merchandise. Not even while I was still delirious… err religious.

Okay calm down now. It wasn’t for me. Don’t worry, I’m not falling off the wagon. It was for a work colleague who has been layed off due to the company downsizing. He was a good guy; pretty religious, but a good guy. I had to show my appreciation for the support he gave me to manage the finances on my various capital projects.

The book? It’s an Afrikaans book titled Seisoen van Hoop, which translates into Season of Hope. Don’t ask about the author; he’s not essential to my story. I thought it would be appropriate and give him [my colleague] comfort during this trying time in his life.

Now don’t you dare buy this book, and I don’t want to enter any into discussion about false hope either. We can all do something nice every once in a while and not analyse it too much.