The end of the long walk… and freedom

President Bill Clinton with Nelson Mandela, Ju...

Nelson Mandela, affectionately known as Madiba, has finally reached the end of his long walk. And what a walk it was.

Every single tribute that I’ve read from around the world speaks with great admiration of a man among men. And truly he was; his minor faults of little consequence in a vast sea of achievement.

Tata, may you finally find the freedom that has eluded you for all these years since your release from incarceration, surrounded by self-serving comrades. Among all the world’s politicians, hardly any one has embraced the values and wisdom you inspired, in becoming a true statesman. But that was never your fault – bad politicians continue to thrive because good people continue to mollycoddle them.

However many ordinary people do take inspiration from your life, and for that we are all thankful. Rest in peace.

In Women’s Month: Selling Women Down the River

Men are taught to apologize for their weaknesses, women for their strengths. – Lois Wyse

It was bad enough that the President committed the dreadful blunder of patronising women on national television during Women’s Month in South Africa. It’s then really lamentable when an organization that is supposedly in place to promote equality and women’s rights, supports this patriarchal madness.

The ANC Women’s League (ANCWL) which is headed by Angie Motshekga [remember this inept woman who doubles as the Education Minister?], today defended the atrocious comments by President Zuma, claiming that they were taken out of context, because he was referring to his daughters only. Judge for yourself if these statements were misconstrued:

I was also happy because I wouldn’t want to stay with daughters who are not getting married, because that in itself is a problem in society. I know that people today think being single is nice. It’s actually not right. That’s a distortion

You’ve got to have kids. Kids are important to a woman because they actually give an extra training to a woman, to be a mother.

League spokesperson Troy Martens’ attempts to rationalize these absurd statements is a disgrace. She performs a huge disservice to women everywhere. How is that out of context when Zuma clearly refers to it being a problem with society?

The ANCWL continues to emphasize what a toothless organization they really are. Their only function seems to be as cheerleaders for their “ruler” and the other incompetent ANC Ministers in government.

Considering this, shouldn’t the ANCWL be renamed ANC Woman in League with Hypocrisy, Patriarchy, Misogyny and Dirty Politicians?

Low Down Dirty Shame

I just came across a news article that reveals that South Africans are among the dirtiest people in the world according to a study conducted by antibacterial products manufacturer, Dettol.

While I view all studies with skepticism, I believe this study may be spot-on about a certain segment of the South African population. Before your mind starts getting you into trouble, let me reveal that I’m referring to South African politicians – especially those who belong to the majority party.

Yes, we have about the dirtiest politicians in the world. Describing them as oozing slime is being rather kind. I do believe that right now, any surviving architects and guardians of Apartheid view the current bunch of miscreants with a great deal of envy.

I actually think they’re beyond redemption. Cleaning up will be a total waste of time and resources. In fact it’s so bad, I’m convinced that the only solution will be to physically drown them in batches, in a giant swimming pool filled with Dettol.

Hopefully that will rid this country of the bad stench of post-Apartheid politics.