Hasta siempre Sr Roussos

This week commences on a sad note. The music world has lost another legend. Demis Roussos passed on at the age of 68 today.

Artemios “Demis” Ventouris Roussos was born in Alexandria, Egypt in 1946, but settled in Greece. He had limited success collaborating with Aphrodite’s Child and Vangelis, but became an acclaimed international solo artist in the 70’s.

I will, like many people remember him fondly for such hits as My Friend The Wind and Forever and Ever, but he has sold over 60 millions albums around the world.

Adios Demis, thank you for the music.


I just spent the most awesome weekend with friends, celebrating the 50th birthday of one dude in particular. There’s just nothing like being around good friends.

Monday being normally the day I post music videos, I thought it would be appropriate to share some of these…

You just call out my name and you know wherever I am, I’ll come running. Well mostly, off course. You’ll forgive me if I’m a little late, won’t you.

Things just work out so much better with a little help from your friends, but maybe not with the lyrics.

And you, yes you, are my best friend. I’m not saying who. I think this one is going to get me into trouble.

Sometimes you just have to wait on a friend. Another whiskey old chum? I’m pouring.

Off course your friend, doesn’t have to be an actual person. Strangely it could be a diamond; ask any girl.

Or stranger still, it could be the wind.

Can’t say I’ve had any friends who were depressed. Disturbed yes. Cripes, now I’m gonna be in a real spot of bother.

And yep, I can just tell we are gonna be friends.

Finally, just know this: I’ll always be there for you.