Peculiar Eating Habits

I reckon there are lots of people all over the world who have a strange predilection or aversion for one or more types of food. And there will of course be people who aren’t pernickety about what they eat at all.

I’m unfortunately one of those former types.


It all started when I was around 5 or 6-years old. For some reason we had run out of butter. It made me so angry that I swore to never eat the stuff again. I kept my word, and over the years developed a strong aversion for it. I can’t stand having butter as a spread on anything…but I’ll eat anything that contains it as an ingredient, so long as I don’t see it in its natural state.


I cannot eat eggs sunny-side up. They have to be fully cooked, scrambled or hard-boiled. I can however eat raw eggs.


While growing up, my mom forbade us from eating pork. She still does, even though I’ve moved out more than 20 years ago. She will not have it the house. It’s got to do with some weird archaic religious thing. What else? But having been denied pork for nearly twenty years, I love it. Ribs! Can’t get enough of it. Parma ham – love it! love it! it! love it!

Don’t tell my mum, but I still sneak it into the house every so often, when I’m visiting.


Probably hate it because it reminds me of butter. It’s kind of a pain having to explain to the counter staff every time that I’d like my burger without it. I’ve had to return a few burgers anger over the years, when they got my order all wrong.


It’s the skin! It gives me the willies. I can’t stand having the skin touch my tongue. I could however manage it, if it’s peeled.


Don’t ask me why! Probably has something to do with not getting any butter when I was around 5 or 6, and me directing my anger towards milk in vengeance. My coffee or tea is taken black, always. However I have no problem with milk in a White Russian or other cocktails.

Breakfast Cereal

Now this is an interesting one. I could never eat cereal because it required milk, and you know I can’t have milk unless it is mixed with alcohol. I tried eating corn flakes like one would eat potato crisps. It was my first and only time.

Then a few days ago I discovered vanilla-flavored fresh milk, while shopping for yoghurt [flavored only, by the way]. I thought maybe it would go well with corn flakes, so I also picked up a box of Kellogg’s – the honey coated kind, just to make sure I get more sweetness. I tried it with my vanilla-flavored milk this morning, and I’m hooked. I love it! love it! love it!

Well, that’s about all I can think off right now. I’m pretty sure I eat just about anything else.