She’s got 99 problems but funny ain’t one of them

This TED talk by Maysoon Zayid who is afflicted with cerebral palsy, is not only very funny, but so awesome on so many levels. And yes, I was teary-eyed at the end too.

Sub-titles are available in 34 different languages. You can read about the challenges faced by the translators to retain the comedic effect in 34 languages over at the TED Blog.

Freshly Played #7: Dueling Banjos

Dueling Banjos

For me, the most memorable part of the film Deliverance was the scene in which Ronny Cox on guitar, squares off against the inbred kid playing the banjo. Incidently, the composition made famous by Eric Weissberg and Steve Mandell for the film, was used without permission from the original composer Arthur Smith, who managed to sue the filmmakers successfully.


Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers

Steve Martin is an actor who is more famous for his comedic roles in films, but is quite an accomplished banjo player too. Here he is accompanied by the Steep Canyon Rangers on the Late Show with David Letterman.


About Me and Stuff

I’m pretty certain I was born to be a comedian, but I got sidetracked trying to earn a living. Now I just do it part-time and it shows…

However, some people are absolute naturals. George Carlin for me was perhaps the best. He’s dead now, but we’re still laughing. I’m sure you’ve already watched the Religion is Bullshit sketch about a thousand times already, but here is another of my personal favorites:


Of the comedians still living, Ricky Gervais and Billy Connolly are without doubt on top of my list of funniest comedians.

Now run along and find your own videos of them…. and don’t forget to die laughing.