Freshly Played #22: Hayley Westenra

Around the world it’s mostly doom and gloom and just about every country in going through some form of distress or other. But for six and half minutes Hayley Westenra can and will make you forget all that.

World in Union

The song with lyrics by Charlie Skarbek was commissioned by the International Rugby Board (IRB) for the Rugby World Cup held every four years. While it has been performed by a number of artists over the years, Hayley’s version sung during the 2011 tournament in New Zealand is the most striking for me personally.

The second half is sung in Maori, but she has also performed the song in Italian, French and Japanese. But Westenra who is a member of the Irish group Celtic Women, is quite an accomplished artist who has also sung in Irish, Welsh, German, Portuguese, Latin and Mandarin Chinese.

Take the time out…