Our Commie nutters

The South African Communist Party (SACP) lost all relevance a long time ago. Whatever their contribution to the downfall of apartheid, it is arguably purely of academic value today; their only leaders of note also passed on like that curse that once stained the history of this country.

The SACP of today are communist in name only. Oh, sure they rant and mutter about socialist bullshit, but they’re all filthy liars who indulge with pleasure on the fruits of capitalism. If they were left to stand on their own feet, they would wither and die, and stink up the place even more than they do now. Which is why they cling so desperately to the unholy union with the ANC, another organisation which is now totally bereft of all its humanist credentials of the past.

One might be tempted to view their relationship with the ANC as parasitic, but that’s mostly not the case. Picture two drunken louts staggering around together, locked in shoulder embrace, and you’re closer to the truth. They actually compliment each other in the vilest possible ways.

From time to time, SACP spokesnutters feel obliged to remind the people (or more accurately, the unwashed masses) of their presence in society, as an organisation and an alliance partner of the ANC, by uttering or demanding (more often demanding) something so utterly stupid, that it leaves people cringing. However, cringing usually turns to fits of laughter, when it brings relief and a distraction from the horror of yet another truly offensive act from the ANC, which occurs with frightening frequency.

Their latest call is one worthy of some kind of award. These nutters are now demanding that legislation be enacted to protect the dignity of the South African President. If anything, legislation is sorely required to have our President hanged by his testicles, and left dangling for the rest of his miserable life, over the stinkiest long-drop in existence. And while we’re at it, all communist neanderthals should be made to suffer the same fate.

The word of the year

I came across a new word today; not a legal word mind you, but bound to become one. It may not be uniquely South African, but is probably practiced here with the sort of aplomb that would put the rest of the world to shame. The word is:


It refers to the unsavory, highly corrupt business practice of self- enrichment through the awarding of government tenders to minions, sympathisers and government officials themselves.

The most recent ANC minion to be exposed is none other than Julius Malema, the wannabe socialist who has been demanding that mines be nationalised, but whose has secret capitalist tendencies. Why are we not surprised?

Any bet that the demand for mines to be nationalised has nothing to do with unlocking wealth for the benefit of the poor, but everything to do with the corrupt ANC-government and its cronies opening up another fat source to steal from?