The ANC Is In A “League” of Their Own

The African National Congress (ANC) under the leadership of Nelson Mandela scaled great heights in the 90’s to transform from a liberation movement into a fully-fledged political party, founded on sound ethical principles. In recent times, however this once great force for political change, has fallen on hard times, bedevilled by corruption, incompetence, immorality, unethical behaviour by senior members, the resignation and break-away of senior party members, and a disturbing leaning toward dictatorial rule.
Some, if not all of these unhealthy qualities are no more evident than in the organization’s Youth and Women’s wings; the ANC Youth League and the ANC Women’s League respectively. Freshly elected Youth League leader, Julius Malema and Women’s League leader, Angie Motshekga both started off their “reign” of ignominy within their respective areas, with a strange case of foot-and-mouth disease. Their public rantings ranged from mildly amusing, to the bizarre.
Malema’s famous “kill for Zuma” speech got him into a lot of bother; and then he went on to repeat the same nonsense, cloaked in different terms, even after public and organizational censure. And if that was not enough to label him a lunatic, he went on to lead the charge for President Mbeki’s dismissal from public office. A little while ago, Motshekga on the other hand broke out into a serious sweat over several senior ANC members who were planning to form a break-away political party, labelling them as “dogs” who were “sick in the head.” More recently though, she has been quoted as publicly stating that education is not important (while being in the position of MEC for Education in Gauteng Province), when it was revealed that Malema had really rotten matric exam results (of which one was a G symbol in Woodwork and another, an H symbol in Maths, both on the standard grade). And to top that, in a recent interview she declared that it was in the interests of democracy to have a one party state.
It’s bad enough when public figures mouth off with no regard for decency and the harm their ill-considered remarks causes, but it’s downright despicable when they try to back-track and deny meaning what they said; even blatantly refusing to apologise. When you look and listen to these two representatives of the ANC as it exists today, it’s not hard to imagine the makings of a tyranny in the works.