Shallow be thy name

I stumbled upon my friend’s wife dishing out advice over the phone yet again, yesterday. I’m normally very curious, not inquisitive, but one can’t help overhear her when she’s on the phone because she’s really loud. Anyway, her advice is usually hilarious because it’s so…innocent.

Yesterday it was about choosing men, and it was quite clear that she was serving it up for her niece, who is not married yet. According to her, these are the three most desirable traits in men:

  • They must have a light skin complexion
  • They must be very religious (she was at pains to stress that they must be very religious)
  • They must not consume alcohol or smoke

Crap, that means I strike out on all counts except the smoking bit, but since I do enjoy the very occasional bit of weed, I fail dismally to be desirable to women. Ah well, I’m probably better off single anyway.