Get Gaddafi!!!

Either Gaddafi has learnt a few things about survival from the Iraqi and Afghanistan conquests, or the USA is just pussyfooting around in Libya.

This prolonged campaign of bombing and bungling by the United States is not doing anyone any good. Why don’t they just get the job done and get the hell out of Libya? This prevarication is becoming tiresome, and the longer it goes on, the more lives that are lost unnecessarily.

Even South African President Jacob Zuma has failed miserably to convince the tyrant of Libya to vacate office, and they’re supposed to be bosom buddies. This is his second or third attempt, two of which required a personal visit to Libya. I wonder why? Something’s just not kosher with these trips, but I suppose only time will reveal the truth.

Will you guys please get Gaddafi so that the world can focus on that other tyrant, Ali Abdullah Saleh of Yemen…while the infighting erupts in Libya.

Just to see the expression on the scumbag's face…

According to Christian fundamentalist Harold Camping, the world is about to end in less than two hours at 6PM…in this time zone at least. The event better known as the Rapture will herald the return of Jesus.

In a South African context, with the local elections just completed and the ANC still retaining a fairly large majority, the Rapture will have special appeal to all those facing the prospect of another 5 years of self-indulgent rule, and remembering the moronic statement President Jacob Zuma made a while back that the ANC will rule “until Jesus comes back.”

While most of us will not qualify to ascend to a Christian Heaven, I’m sure we would like the to Rapture to occur nonetheless, just so that we can see the silly smirk wiped off the face of the prat. I’m giggling hysterically right now just thinking of how utterly stupid Zuma and his unquestioning followers will feel as Jesus reappears to end their victory celebrations, just 3 days after maintaining their majority at the elections.

Off course, being a rational person I’m not expecting Jesus or the Rapture but I guess I should just be happy with the small consolation that the opposition DA not only won the Western Cape outright, they have made significant inroads elsewhere in the country. I’m sure many ANC big mouths who predicted that they would win all Provinces convincingly, are feeling like sheepish twats right now.

If that’s the only pleasure I’m going to get from this election, I guess it’s enough.

Potholes: Another handy place to sink your taxes into

I’m pretty sure that not even the ANC knew how useful the potholes they hadn’t attended to all these years, were going to become so soon after President Zuma announced that 2011 was to be the year of Job Creation…and the Chinese announced the Year of the Rabbit.

With images in my mind of ANC politicians making a routine habit of feeding at the trough, it’s perhaps lucky for us that this is not the Year of the Pig; although you’re going to be hopping mad by the time you have finished reading the rest of what troubles me.

In January the ANC-led government announced that they were going to spend around R150-million rands to fix potholes. Today they announced that the Transport Ministry was setting aside R6.4-billion in this fiscal year for an “innovative nationwide programme focusing on the maintenance of secondary road infrastructure using labour-intensive methods of construction and maintenance.” So what happened to swell the budget that much?

Did our ANC-government’s tenders-for-pals allocation scheme come in 42 times over-subscribed? Or are we expected to believe that it has now become the job of government to provide jobs?

Consider that just prior to the vacuous State of the Nation address by the President, it was also revealed, not surprisingly, that R58-billion would be required to fix poorly built houses that no doubt were constructed through the awarding of dubious tenders, and you get the sinking feeling that more of our tax money is heading for a black hole. Only this time it’s going to be many, many smaller holes that will hungrily gobble up your taxes, disappear for a while, and then reappear again begging for more.

Jacob Zuma's State of the Nation Speech: 10 February 2011

Following a week in which the ANC did some serious damage to its credibility, the State of the Nation address by President Zuma was eagerly anticipated, mostly by those who rightly condemned his abominable behaviour while campaigning for the elections over the past weekend.

Expecting more of the rhetoric, promises and dubious claims of achievements that Zuma has become famous for during his term of office, most people were not too disappointed…with the usual hollow offering. It was a case of the same old crap…nice to hear as it rolls of the tongue; bitter to swallow as it slowly evaporates into nothing, until the next round of speeches.

In effect, about 5180 words that say so little. What an utter waste of time…

I suppose not everyone is unhappy; his entourage of cronies will be licking their lips at the thought of a sizeable chunk of the money being set aside for that hair-brained job creation scheme, coming their way.

Blasphemous? Hell no! Desperate? Good heavens yes!

There was much consternation this weekend over President Jacob Zuma’s moronic utterance while campaigning for the upcoming election, that a vote for the ANC will get one into heaven.

While many people, including Church leaders saw this statement as blasphemous, others were perturbed that a politician, especially one who wields the ultimate power could so callously drag religion into politics when the constitution clearly demands a separation of Church and State.

I on the other hand can distinctly discern not a blatant abuse of the constitution, but rather a pathetic desperation on the part of Zuma and the ANC. Coming ahead of the State of the Nation address and the release of a document by the opposition Democratic Alliance (DA), which meticulously lists 50 of President Zuma’s broken promises, I have no hesitation in concluding that the ANC [and Zuma] are fresh out of promises, and with this idiotic statement are now resorting to idle religious threats; the kind we are all familiar with through e-mail and pamphlets: repent or else or follow Jesus or else.

Promises. Yes, these con men have made them all and broken them all. And now they promise the impossible; a ticket to imaginary heaven!

It’s inconceivable that in a so-called civilized democratic country, 50 promises [apparently there were in reality much more than 50] made by a political leader in public, could be so shamelessly broken. Most people would forgive a few, but certainly not 50. But that’s what we as South Africans have done. We have been shamelessly tolerant of lies and deceit. We have allowed these calculating bastards in power to pull the sheep over our eyes.

We need to redeem ourselves…

Getting and spending…

Just recently I was prompted to write about William Wordsworth’s famous sonnet, The World Is Too Much With Us. I now understand why this particular piece of poetry sticks in my mind.

It has much more significance than the materialist tendencies of man and the destruction of nature. One line in particular stands out for me when it comes to the ugly world of politics:

getting and spending we lay waste our powers…

But when it comes to politicians the line might as well read: getting and spending we lay waste our tax revenues.

And in South Africa, one man stands out like an ugly train-wreck when it comes to gross profligacy. He’s none other than Jacob Zuma, the President [I say the President rather than our, because he does not represent me, nor do I suspect many others as well].

We’d hardly gotten over the fact that he spends upwards of R15-million of our taxpayers money yearly, on his multiple wives and children, when we were forced to accept the cost of the bloated, fuck-useless administration he concocted just to provide employment for an assortment of sycophants and other palm-greasers’. Now we learn that he spent around R17-million of taxpayers money on wining and dining 15 African leaders [term used loosely] before and after the World Cup held here last year. This oozing slime-fest was attended by a veritable who’s who in the despot zoo; Mad Bob and Teodoro leading the display of the worst that Africa offers.

I’m not even factoring in all the other idiotic schemes that Zuma wastes our money on, on a daily basis. This one however is the most galling. To think that my taxes are being lavished on the slime of the universe…aaarrrghh.

This particular act of piracy worked out at about R1-million per Head of State [which included their wives]. Apparently Zuma invited all 53 HOS’s from Africa. Should we be pretending that we were lucky they didn’t all attend? That would have put us out-of-pocket to the tune of R53-million? Perhaps not, because as sure as death and taxes, Zuma has pissed away that saving, somewhere else…

What is even more infuriating however, is that the taxpayer doesn’t seem too concerned with these acts of lunacy. Have we become that numb to government’s extravagant misuse of our taxes?

You ANC nothing yet, 'cause we CAN do nothin' right

So Jacob Zuma went to his speech cabinet yesterday to mark the ANC’s 99th Anniversary, and pulled out one from the drawer labelled Rhetoric instead of the one marked Truth.

And if you’re interested in what it said [although for the love of all that’s still  honest and decent about humanity, I don’t know why] , please go fetch here. If however you want the paraphrased version, continue reading below:

Comrades and Compatriots [that means the ignorant masses and ANC-sycophants, in case you were wondering],

Today the African National Congress is 99 years old and thus enters its 100th year of its existence. [Actually the ANC that we all admired, ceased to exist in 2007 after that fateful Polokwane Conference. This ANC that is 99 years old, is a fraud, but let’s hear what they have to say anyway]

When we celebrate our centenary in Mangaung next year, we will be celebrating the triumph of a people united in struggle…blah, blah, blah…. yaddah, yaddah.

More revolutionary rhetoric…..followed by self-congratulations.

Promises…promises…lies…lies…lies…more promises.

Promises…promises…lies…blatant lie…promises…lies…small white lie…more promises.

Jobs…more jobs…lies…lies…promises…more lies.

Revolutionary psycho-babble…more lies…a slight twist of the truth….more lies…more promises…more revolutionary gobble-de-gook.

Mention of the World Cup yet again…more promises…promises…we will…another lie.

Achievements…best performing branches…congratulations [according to the ANC’s low standards of course]

We salute our comrades, who have passed on during the past year. These comrades have made a lasting contribution to the struggle for freedom in South Africa and will be greatly missed [a long list, most of whom you won’t recognize, or have ever heard about; condolences nonetheless]

In recognition of the selfless sacrifices of these and other dedicated comrades, and mindful of the fact that it is only through all our people working together that we will create a better life for all, the NEC declares this, the year of CONSOLIDATING PEOPLES` POWER FOR THE NATIONAL DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY. [but a much better life for those of us running this sham of a government, no doubt]

And the conclusion that Zuma probably uttered silently: We promise to continually fuck you over until Jesus returns, or until the majority of you lazy bums start thinking for yourselves…


Gbagbo… just won't go

Is there something in the air or soil of Africa that nurtures despots, tyrants and just plain bad-ass politicians? Perhaps it’s the African sun? But whatever it is, I’m pretty sure that Africa hosts the majority of the world’s worst leaders [I use the word grudgingly].

The latest in a long line of despots whose minds have seemingly become frizzled by the African sun, and who refuse to relinquish their grip on power, is Laurent Gbagbo of the Ivory Coast. This Bgagbo of shit joins an ignominious assembly of scumbags, who desperately cling to power, and whose utter disregard for humanity is legendary:

For a more comprehensive [but not definitive] list, which incorporates crackpots from all over the world, visit And this is just a list of the current filth that pollutes world’s political stage. Let’s not even consider the likes of Idi Amin, Mobutu Sese Seko and Jean Bedel Bokassa. The most striking thing about these scum of the earth, is that they would most likely have at some stage in their rotten lives, spoken out against European or Western imperialism and colonialism. So what turns self-proclaimed liberators into fascists?

Do we in South Africa have anything to worry about? Not with Jacob Zuma, I don’t think; it’s abundantly clear he’s just a puppet. However, with the likes of Julius Malema, idling in the wings, mouthing off about revolutionaries on the one hand and agents on the other, I think we need to be extra vigilant…

The hated, rated…

So, if the spin doctors are to be believed, President Jacob Zuma, a serial bungler of note, ends the year with an approval rating that’s on the up.

Yes, he’s jumped from a low of 43% in February to a mind-boggling high of 49% in November. Wow! Probably a major achievement, considering the coterie of perennial under-achievers he has picked to surround himself with. But, if you look at it year-on-year, he dropped from all-time high of 58% in 2009. Talk about setting the bar low! If he manages more than 40% next year, it will indeed be a miracle, perhaps one his friends in the religious community can boast about.

Seems like pay-back time is fast approaching…