About whorehouses and armadillos

Heard about the Texan who got shot by an armadillo?

Actually this guy from down Texarkana way, fired three shots at an armadillo with his .38 revolver and one bullet managed to ricochet off the poor creature, to hit him right smack in the jaw. He’s in hospital so he misses out on a Darwin Award. There’ no word about the armadillo though. I hope he got away unhurt.

While laughing my way through that, it suddenly occurred to me that that armadillo sounded like an armed dildo, and thus my wicked thoughts strayed from Texarkana to La Grange. It happens quite often, these crazy associations. [Imagine the headline, “Texan fucked by armed dildo”].

This brilliant ZZ Top song is about a brothel outside La Grange, Texas which became known as the Chicken Ranch. It’s off course more (in)famously known as the Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. I have had the great pleasure of watching ZZ Top guitarist and lead vocalist Billy Gibbons live in concert with the Kings Of Chaos outfit. You’d never guess he’s been rocking with the same crew for more than 40 years.

And with that piece of useless trivia, have a fabulous week ahead.